What our clients say

“I was living in a hotel it was so convenient to have meals delivered every day, I used to go out to eat. Vmeals made it so much easier and I saved so much time. They custom my plan, every time I wanted to change or add things it was really quick, the customer service is very good and you get an answer quickly. I tried different company of meals delivered and I liked the variety of the food with Vmeals, it was every day different and so tasty. I stayed healthy with Vmeals, you are what you put in your body so I always make sure to put right things in my body, and kept my body weight on track. I would recommend to every one who doesn’t have time to cook, have busy schedule, it saves time, and it actually very tasty” @kendr.paris


"The food always tastes amazing, perfectly fits my macros and calories, and has so much variety when it comes to healthy meal prep, The time it saves me is incredible, I couldn't imagine cooking for myself anymore! I 100% recommended trying VMeals as part of your Healthy Lifestyle.» @chelsea.mccall.ifbb.pro  

Chelsea McCall

I am not worried anymore about what to eat, as VMeals take care of it. I just have to tell them my daily caloric intake and they handle the rest. Their customer support is really friendly and helpful. moreover one of my main concern about healthy food is that it gets boring after a while, but VMeals makes sure that healthy is not boring.

Mishkum Noor

I’ve renewed again with V Meals as I’m impressed and super happy with not only the quantity but the variety of food delivered ahead of time on a daily basis. I love that you get the breakdown of your calories and ratio of protein, carb and fat per meal on your menu on a daily basis with a motivational quote also, thank you VMeals - here’s to a healthy future!


I have signed up for VMeals since 2 months, and I have noticed significant changes in my visual appearance. They take care of preferences really well, and deliver tasty and delicious food to me everyday

Safeer Tahir
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