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    Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Meal Plans

    Gluten and Dairy Free Diet

    Allergy, lifestyle choice, or curiosity, whatever is your reason for choosing a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, we got you covered. We understand that everybody consumes food in different ways. That is why we have developed a variety of quick, gluten and dairy-free meals that allow you to enjoy all the mouthwatering flavors you desire without compromising.

    Eating delicious meals while avoiding dairy and gluten can be easy. We believe a restrictive diet must not prevent you from enjoying the food. Keeping that in mind, our chefs have created exciting and popular menus that cater to various tastes. Do not let your dietary choices limit your choice of food; instead, book a monthly gluten-free meal with us and enjoy the weekly changing menu.

    To make your meals wholesome, delectable, and dairy-free, we entirely use recipes that are free of gluten and dairy and that use only whole-food products. We swap traditional dairy products with healthy alternatives like coconut milk and plant-based spreads. All our meals are enriched with nutrient-dense ingredients, complex carbs, and healthy protein sources. We take gluten-free and cooking food seriously, and your trust is our top priority. 

    Portion Size

    Our gluten and dairy free diet plans come in different portion size like Athlete, Muscle Gain, wellness, and Weight Loss. Your calorie and ingredients change as per the portion size. It varies from 1200 kcal to 3000 kcal. If you are looking for something else that is not mentioned, you can talk to our nutritionist for a personalized custom meal plan.

    Best Gluten and Dairy Free Meal Plans

    Customize your weekly menu from our easy and hassle-free form and place your order. If you want more personalization, you can consult our nutritionists and share all your concerns. Once you place the order, you start receiving your daily meals right at your doorstep and enjoy our healthy spin on classics.



    Beetroot Meatballs w/ Quinoa

    Green Chicken Salad w/ Truffle Dressing


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