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    Indian Fusion Meal Plan

    Indian Fusion Meals

    Expats from India, Pakistan and neighboring countries form the largest expat group in the UAE. Some families even have their third generation living in the country. The years of presence and influence have given rise to several restaurants and street foods serving Indian and Pakistani cuisines. However, not all of them are healthy or fit into the sedentary lifestyle of the UAE.

    It’s natural to miss the taste from home but finding a healthier version can be challenging. If you are struggling to find healthier versions and alternatives to your homely taste, we have an answer. Whether you are missing the taste of home or looking for healthy meal options, our Indian Fusion meal plans are a must-try. 

    Our Indian fusion meal is about variety, and we have tried to accommodate all fitness goals in our healthy meal plans. Thanks to the versatility of this cuisine, it was easy. Our multi-talented chefs can prepare all, from weight loss to muscle gain and from everyday wellness plans to keto meals. Moreover, the meals are easy to customize to your taste, eating preferences, allergies, and delivery times. 

    Vegetarian Indian Fusion Meal Plans

    Since many Indians prefer vegetarian food, we also offer a vegetarian meal plan option. It can be further customized as per Athlete, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, and Wellness meal plans. All vegetarian meal plans include a range of plant-based food and dairy products. All meals are crafted with thoughtfulness and dedication that bring homely flavors into your life. 

    The handcrafted vegetarian meals are 100 % vegetarian and prepared from whole foods with no artificial flavorings. Each plan is carefully designed for the vegetarian population, keeping their lifestyle choices in mind. Whether you crave homestyle Indian food or prefer fusion Indian meals prepared with exotic ingredients, our chefs can satisfy all such cravings. 

    Non-Vegetarian Indian Fusion Meal Plans

    Enjoy tasty, spicy, and healthy non-vegetarian Indian cuisines with our daily meal delivery service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE. The Indian subcontinent has one of the most diverse cuisines globally, and we try to incorporate the flavors of different regions. Specializing in Indian and Pakistani flavors, we take pride in delivering an authentic experience.

    Best Indian Meal Plan Delivery in UAE

    Life gets busy, and health takes a back seat. We cook for you so you can focus on your life. We serve high-quality, healthy Indian food through weekly and monthly meal subscriptions. The menus are seasonal, as we never cut corners on nutrition and food quality. So, it’s time to eliminate junk food and make a healthy switch to our monthly Indian food delivery services.


    Stuffed Dosa w/ Tomato Chutney

    Soybean Biryani w/ Beetroot Raita

    Methi Chicken w/ Roti & Yoghurt Sauce


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