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    Green Diet (Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Plans)

    Green Diet

    Go Green, Good for You and Good for Planet

    Hardcore non-vegetarians also opt for green meals at least once weekly because of their versatility and multiple health benefits. Our green diet meal plans bring you the goodness of plant-based food. With every box, we send you high-quality and pre-portioned meals for your bespoke nutritional requirements.

    The green diet is categorized under two categories Vegetarian and Vegan. All our meals have perfectly balanced macros and micros, ideal for weight loss candidates. It is our surety that you will not miss out on any nutrients. We ensure to include various plant-based proteins in your monthly and weekly green diet plan.

    Vegetarian Meal Plan

    A vegetarian diet is more flexible than a vegan diet and comprises plant-based nutrients and meat-free nutrition from animals. Get started today with your healthiest vegetarian food delivery in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates of the UAE. You can directly choose from our menu or talk to our nutritionist and get a tailored 1-month vegetarian meal plan.

    The personalized plans can be further customized to suit the requirements of vegetarian sports people and bodybuilders. Our vegetarian diet plan is available for athletes, overall wellness, muscle gain, and weight loss. We do not add additives or artificial flavorings to our meals, so you can rest assured that no animal products find their way to your meal.

    Vegan Meal Plan

    Who says vegan food is not tasty? Try our specially designed vegan meal plans to get a surprise. Get chef-curated 100% plant-based meal plans for people who prefer a sustainable and environment-friendly diet. Moreover, it can be further personalized to meet your specialized nutritional requirements, such as weight loss, muscle gain, wellness etc.

    Even though there are plenty of options for vegans, you may still need help finding healthier ones. We have you covered if you want to know what to eat on a vegan meal plan. Our experts ensure that you get the proper nutrition through your personalized vegan diet plan. And you do not lose on essential macros and micros.

    Best Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Plan Delivery

    Ditch the confusing shopping and cooking process with our healthy and nutritious meal plans in UAE. Our nutritionist can create the perfect diet plan that your taste buds can enjoy. We provide 1200 kcal to 3000 kcal vegetarian and vegan diet plans. We can customize it based on your specific requirements and deliver it fresh to your doorsteps daily.


    Apple Pie Protein Overnight Oats w/ Nuts

    Edamame Paella w/ Peas & Carrot

    Lentil Parmesan w/ Pasta


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