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7 Health Benefits of Green Olives

6th April, 2024

The size of a green olive doesn't do justice to the plethora of benefits it can provide us with. But as they say, the best things in the world come in small packages; it rings truer for green olives more than most food items you can think of. This might be the answer to most of your health issues wherein you will be pleasantly surprised how it can boost your health in a myriad of ways.

If you are starting a meal plan in Dubai, adding green olives to it will exponentially increase your odds of staying in better health and you will be able to be more productive in your work since physically you will feel a positive shift in your health. How do they aid your health, you ask? Let's take an in-depth look.

Why You Should Include Green Olives in Your Diet?

Green olives can bring a roundabout positive change to your body, and we are certain that once you get to know them, you won't be able to stop yourself from including them in every dish you can. So, even though they have a ton of benefits, we have curated the seven most primal among them because these seven benefits of green olives have a universal appeal and will come in handy to most of you.

Acts as an Effective Antioxidant Agent

Being an antioxidant agent, green olives help dramatically reduce the risks of chronic diseases and the growth of harmful microorganisms. It also helps prevent inflammation, which is highly common in most of the population these days.

The versatility of green olives makes them an apt ingredient to be included in a diverse range of diets. So, no matter what kind of diet you are following, you can easily blend green olives into it. As evident by their name, people who strictly follow a green diet can benefit immensely from green olives since their nutritional value is of par excellence and the antioxidant properties help them get the benefits that they otherwise might be missing out on by skipping certain ingredients from their diet.

Aids in Healthy Loss of Weight

Instead of following unhealthy ways of losing weight such as starving yourself, add green olives to your diet as they provide you satiety which in turn, stops you from binge eating or overeating. This is why you will often find nutritionists and dieticians recommend green olives in weight loss meal plans.

So, instead of munching on junk foods as part of your midday snack, carry a handful of snacks to your work since not only they will be delicious when you include them in your salad, but will also aid in your weight loss journey.

Strengthens Bones

Perhaps, one of the lesser-known benefits of green olives is the role they play in improving your bone health. Studies have indicated that the plant compounds found in olives can play a pivotal role in the prevention of bone loss in animals. As you age, taking care of your bones increases, and providing the right nutrition for your bone health is paramount.

Coupled with the fact that the cases of osteoporosis, which is a decrease in bone quality and mass, are seen less in Mediterranean nations, where green olives are consumed rampantly, have indicated the direct relation that green olives have in improving bone health.


Improves the Condition of Your Heart

Green olives are rich in oleic acid, which is essentially the main fatty acid in it. This component plays a vital role in improving the health of your heart; protecting it from various heart ailments as you age.

Not to mention, green olives have also shown major potential in preventing the oxidation of LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) which is known as the bad cholesterol. Furthermore, they also help regulate cholesterol levels, which is why if you are following a wellness meal plan, you need to add green olives since a healthy heart leads to the betterment of the entire body's functionality.

Helps Maintain Optimal Blood Sugar Level

Since mono-saturated fats can help you maintain ideal blood sugar levels, you need to include green olives in your everyday dishes as they are a potent source of it. People who witness fluctuating blood sugar levels are especially recommended to consume green olives regularly to boost their health.

The healthy fats in green olives make it an ideal choice for those who follow a keto diet plan. With the wide implications of this beneficial food item, you can skilfully have them in a wide range of dishes of your choice.

Supplements Fibre Quotient in Your Body

The high-fiber component of green olives helps you avoid constipation as it aids in better digestion and smooth bowel movement. The presence of fiber also ensures that you remain full for a longer time. As such, having them first thing in the morning as part of your breakfast will keep you satiated for the day.

With improved digestion, you will be able to have better stomach and intestinal health, which will vastly aid in you having a healthier lifestyle.

Has Cancer Preventive Properties

Since green olives have phytonutrients in them, they help protect your healthy cells, thereby preventing any cancerous growth that will have disastrous results in the future. Green olives can play a vital role in avoiding chronic inflammation as well as chronic oxidative stress, which is something you actively need to look out for.

They say prevention is better than cure. So, by including these healthy boons in your diet from an early age, you allow yourself to be in a better position to avoid getting attacked by cancerous growth.

To Conclude

Green olives are a miracle and one of nature's best gifts. As you can see from the aforementioned points, the benefits of green olives are endless. So, sometimes making small changes through small investments by including food items such as green olives in your diet, you put yourself and your health at better odds of being its optimal best.

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