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    Pescatarian Meal Plans

    Pescatarian Diet

    Pescatarians represent everyone who doesn't consume meat but eats fish instead, along with vegetarian food items. Pescatarian can be a lifetime commitment or a step before switching to an entirely plant-based diet. Whatever your reasons are, you can rest assured that you get all three meals plus one snack delivered right to your doorstep. You can leave the calorie counting, portion control, and taste to us while you enjoy the goodness of our meals.

    Plant-based eating is the new trend, and most health enthusiasts cheer for it. However, it's not an easy switch. That is why many try to find a middle ground to derive some nutrients from sea foods and some from plants. In short, the pescatarian diet is a plant-based diet that includes two to three servings of fish per week for added protein and vitamins. The diet is also sometimes called the pesco-vegetarian diet. It is one such plant-based diet that brims with health benefits. 

    A well-rounded pescatarian diet consists of a wide range of food items from all the major groups. Stick to whole foods, cut back on eating out, and consume lots of plant-based food to get the full range of health advantages from this diet. The abundance of omega-3 fatty acids you get from fish is one of the significant advantages of the pescatarian diet. The diet often has substantially lower cholesterol levels, which benefits general heart health.

    Best Pescatarian Meal Delivery Dubai

    For anyone starting the pescatarian diet, it can be intimidating to plan a meal for an entire week. It is easy to give up or drift your way and consume high-carb food, which might not be the best way to maintain healthy and balanced eating habits. However, you do not have to worry when you have our expert nutritionist and chefs to serve you. Weight-loss to muscle-building, all variations of pescatarian diets are available with us. Customization, portion control, taste, and hassle-free order and delivery system are our specialties. Contact our nutritionist for a personalized pescatarian meal plan.


    Egg Shakshuka w/ Chickpeas

    Tuna Fried Rice

    Grilled Salmon w/ Quinoa & Pesto Sauce


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