Meal Plan sharjah

Meal Plans Sharjah

Ditching the pizza and picking an apple can’t be exciting. We get it. One of the most common struggles while shifting to a healthy lifestyle is switching to healthy eating. However, healthy eating remains the cornerstone of any health-goal plan.

Freshly prepared healthy meals not only taste great, but they are easy to digest. However, it is not easy to have fresh or healthy meals three times a day. Many people staying and working in Sharjah have a long commute to work each day. While focusing on work and taking care of other things, shopping, prepping and cooking seems like arduous task.

Enjoying a healthy and freshly prepared meal that meets your food preferences and daily needs must not be that tough. If you want to free up your schedule and avoid spending hours in the kitchen, try our healthy meal delivery services in Sharjah. It is unarguably an efficient approach to meal planning that ensures your nutritional requirements are taken care of. All aspects of a healthy lifestyle usually come down to making SMART CHOICES.

A healthy diet plan can accelerate your progress toward your health goals. You can easily get healthy food in Sharjah through our meal delivery service, but the city also provides a wide range of unhealthy junk food. Sadly, junk food is more accessible than nutritious one. So, do not let your busy life compel you to order unhealthy takeouts. Instead, register for customized healthy meals. We are one of the fastest-growing healthy meal delivery services in the UAE. Our customized meal plans are created by in-house nutritionists and prepared by experienced chefs. We ensure you get freshly prepared, tasty, nutritious meals at affordable prices right at your doorstep.

We offer a variety of meal options focused on delivering the perfect ratio of macros and micros in your diet. The individualized meal plans cover all your meal requirements for the entire day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-meal snacks. Here are the main healthy meal plans we offer.

Classic Diet

There can be various portion sizes of Classic Meal Plan.

Athlete Meal Plan

Athlete meal plans must fuel your body through workouts and the recovery process. That is why our chefs and nutritionists have created a power-packed menu ideal for busy and hardworking professionals. Now you can focus on your training and leave your meal worries to us.

Athletes following a meat-free diet plan or having dietary restrictions need not worry. We offer a range of vegan, vegetarian, keto, or gluten-free athletic meal plans. Even while abiding by your special diet needs, we do not compromise on the high-protein requirement of an athletic diet. Our client has the luxury of choosing a plan that suits their lifestyle. The calorie requirement for athletes can be changed depending on their tournaments or training phase.

Muscle Gain Meal Plan

What happens in your kitchen is as important as what happens in the gym when you build muscles. Protein is the key macro-nutrient for bodybuilders, and we ensure our muscle gain meal plans are high in protein. The power-packed meals support your efforts in the gym. The more closely you stick to our muscle gain diet plan, the more results you may witness in your bulking-up process.

Your bulking-up meal plan depends on two things: calculated calories and a variety of food options. We ensure you do not add on ‘dirty bulk’ that leaves you bloated. A good mix of vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, and lean protein helps you gain lean body mass. With health, you can surely get incredible taste and variety with us.

Wellness Meal Plan

Eating for wellness is a clean eating habit that influences an individual’s overall health. Suppose you are someone who has an ideal weight-height ratio but still struggles to maintain your energy level. You can be a hardworking student or a busy professional. You may struggle to maintain a nourishing meal all day.

Food influences the way you feel, think and sleep. The clean-eating wellness program aims to provide the proper nourishment customized to your body type and lifestyle. The nourishing meals can help you to maintain a healthy weight, enhance immunity, prevent chronic diseases, and sustain overall health. The affordable meal deliveries are tailored to suit your bespoke requirements.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight loss does not mean starving yourself or depriving your tastebuds. The science behind sustainable weight loss is simple. Consume lesser calories than you burn. However, you mustn’t devoid your body of essential nutrients. Our weight loss meal plan ensures just that and more. All our meals are rich in essential macronutrients and customizable according to individual needs.

Portion control is another factor that people struggle with when they prepare a meal on their own or order a takeaway. From our delicious and portion-controlled meals, you can reach your goals. No matter what your weight goals are, we can help you achieve that. You can concentrate on the gym and leave the stress of planning and preparing food to our chefs.

Green Diet

Vegetarian Meal Plan

The vegetarian diet is getting increasingly popular not just in UAE but all around the world. A vegetarian diet is devoid of meat, seafood, and egg. However, it includes dairy and other meat-free animal products. A well-rounded vegetarian weekly menu offers all the essential nutrients a person requires.

Whether you follow vegetarianism because of religious reasons or personal reasons, we understand that. Our vegetarian meals are prepared strictly using only vegetarian ingredients and are free of additives. We ensure that eliminating meat does not affect your protein intake. The protein-rich vegetarian meal plans are not only healthy but also tasty. The simple recipes are rich in a variety of whole grains, pulses, dairy products, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, try our vegetarian meal once a week and get amazed by the taste and variety. Give your palate a change!

Vegan Diet Plan

Taking one step ahead from vegetarian diets, a vegan diet completely eliminates animal-based products from food and lifestyle. Veganism is not just about food preferences but a lifestyle choice. The food industry has embraced veganism with both hands; that is why now you can find a range of options for vegans.

Many studies state the multiple benefits of plant-based diets. However, they also say that our soil is depleted of nutrients that can cause the plants nutrition deficient. Thus, it becomes important that your vegan diet plan contains the ingredients that fix the nutrient gaps and provide you with a well-rounded meal. We specialize in alternative meal plans in Sharjah. All our vegan menus are well-balanced and nutrition-dense. Our professional nutritionists ensure that the meals are customized according to your health goals and food preferences.

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Diet Plan

A gluten-free diet is not just popular with people suffering from gluten allergies but people who want to reap the benefits of varied food sources. The same goes for a dairy-free diet. People following gluten-free or dairy-free diets are to pay careful attention to what they eat. It was stressful at times and made them compromise on flavors and taste.

Our innovative menus ensure that you receive a nutrition-rich and delicious meal. If you choose our monthly food delivery in Sharjah, we can make sure you enjoy every meal you eat. You do not have to worry about reading the labels and checking whether the food is processed or not. Let our staff worry about them, and you enjoy the meals in peace.

Indian Fusion Diet

Pescatarian Diet Plan

The Pescatarian diet lets you reap the benefits of rich plant-based diets and includes seafood as the primary source of protein. There are multiple reasons why people choose to avoid poultry and other meat from their diet and prefer only seafood. Heart-healthy seafood provides several health benefits.

Following a strict pescatarian diet has never been easy. Pick from our wide range of fresh and seawater fishes, prawns, shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. You can choose your choice of protein or let our nutritionist choose for you. Our pescatarian meals are always fish combined with a range of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. With a new menu every week, you can be sure that your tastebuds enjoy varied flavors. So, skip the long lines at the grocery store and going to fish markets daily. Instead, try our pescatarian meals that source fresh ingredients every day.

Keto Diet Plan

Keto is a huge diet buzzword that changed how health experts look at fats. If you are not sure what the ketogenic diet is, here’s a primer. The ketogenic diet is a meal plan that causes ketosis in your body, where your body starts using fat as a primary fuel source and not carbohydrates. The keto diet is also known as the Atkins-style diet.

Our weekly and monthly keto menu offers various yummy meals that include a range of proteins (plant-based and animal-based), healthy fats, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. Think about superfoods like eggs, dark chocolate, nuts, and greens are all an essential part of our keto menu. The keto diet promoted as a weight-loss and inch-loss diet has helped several of our clients get positive results.

Meal Plan Delivery Sharjah

Everybody understands that meals cooked at home are healthier than eating at restaurants because you have absolute control over what ingredients you use and consume. Once in a while, it is acceptable to eat restaurant foods, but they are high in fat, sugar, and sodium – all of which couldd be tailored to your dietary requirements when prepared at home.

With appropriate meal planning, your body will begin to see effects, whether you lose fat or feel emotionally and physically good. We have the simplest, healthiest, and most convenient way to have meals delivered to your door. We offer a wide range of choices when it comes to diet meals in Abu Dhabi. We have all you need, from delectable, nutritious, and extensive menu choices to skilled and experienced teams. You’ll be eager to try a range of dishes with our meal plans.

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