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    Classic Meal Plan

    Classic Diet

    Good Health Starts with Good Food.

    All Your Classic Diets with Not So Classic Twist.

    Enjoy nutritious meals without worrying about shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Every week our nutritionists and chefs come up with a fresh menu with new inspired recipes. With so many options and levels of customization, being healthy is not complicated.

    We are a meal plan company aiming to make healthy eating easily accessible and affordable. We aim to redefine people's ideas of a healthy diet and develop sustainable meal habits. We assist all our clients in achieving their health goals and maintaining a healthy weight. Our classic meal plans for athletes, muscle gain, wellness, and weight loss are created to give your body all the nutrition it needs to achieve its health goals.

    Athlete Meal Plan

    Getting trained for a sport is no child's play, and we understand that. If you're an athlete, you already know how crucial it is to feel your best during training and while performing. The optimum performance is possible only with an optimum diet. Food gives you energy to train and perform and nutrition to recover from training, repair and build muscle, and fill depleted glycogen stores. Compared to other diet plans, a balanced diet for athletes has much larger portions.

    Our nutritionist ensures that our meal plan includes all your needs for a balanced sports diet. Our power-packed meal plan for busy and hard-working athletes can be further customized based on your eating preferences, allergies, and other requirements.

    Muscle Gain Plan

    More muscles are made in the kitchen than in the gym. No matter how many hours you spend in the gym honing your muscles, the food you eat gives you the energy to train, recover and build stronger muscles. Our nutritionally designed muscle gain meal plans are enriched with superfoods, fiber, and healthy proteins. The diet plan for bulking up doesn't need to be boring and bland. Our meals are tasty, diverse, and made from fresh and finest ingredients.

    Whether trying to bulk up or training to get a mean six-pack ab, your diet always plays an integral role. Don't let alternate diet choices stop you from opting for a muscle-gain diet plan. You can customize it according to allergies and diet choices (keto or vegan).

    Wellness Plan

    The foundation of a healthy lifestyle starts with the food we eat. Our wellness meal plan is all about nutritionally balanced innovative meal menus that help you meet your daily dietary requirements. The wellness diet plan strives to strike the right balance between your micros and macros while serving wholesome goodness in each meal.

    A well-rounded diet can significantly improve your overall health and nourish your body with simple ingredients. The right food choices allow us to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of diseases, increase immunity, and maintain overall wellness.

    Weight Loss Plan

    The weight loss journey is often considered long, distracting, and stressful. Staying consistent is a significant issue that derails you from your weight loss journey, and the craving to eat something tasty is another major distraction. What if we give you a lip-smacking but healthy weight-loss meal plan that satisfies all your craving?

    Our chefs and nutritionists have come together to create the best diet plan for weight loss to help you lose weight without compromising your tastebuds. Our weight loss meal menu is not just about salads but the range of whole grains, healthy proteins, and fibers. With our weight loss meal plan, you don't starve to lose weight but eat too for weight loss.

    It's Easier to Be Healthy

    With our specially designed diet plans, it's easier to be healthy. We provide you with various customization options so that you can fit into our weekly or monthly meal plans irrespective of your food preferences, tastes, allergies, and fitness goals. We deliver fresh meals every day in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all emirates of the UAE. Sign up today to start your fitness journey with us. If you are not sure about your portion size, our expert nutritionists are always available to assist you.

    Talk to Our Qualified Nutritionist

    Free Nutritionist Consultation

    Take advantage of our healthy diet plans to improve your life. You can consult with one of our trained and experienced nutritionists if you need help determining which meal plan to select. They can support and assist you in selecting the appropriate food plan.

    Personalized Diet Plan

    Numerous health problems can result from improper or uncontrolled eating habits. In addition to assisting with health issues, a balanced diet can support increased activity, strength, and vitality. With our personalised meal plans, you can accelerate the process of accomplishing your fitness goals.


    Cheesy Half Moon Omelette

    Barbecue Chicken Burger w/ Coleslaw

    Grilled Beef w/ Saffron Rice and Rasins


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