7 Self-Care Tips for Remote Working

Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Change is an inevitable part of life. We humans always find a way to adapt to changes. Like many other things that changed in 2020, the working culture underwent an integral change. Work From Home (WFH) or working remotely is the new normal now.

The companies are now compelled to follow the work from the home trend. Many of your close ones and maybe even you are working remotely as you are reading this. You might see yourself working from home in the near future as well because the way of working and doing business is changing for the entire world.

As everything in this world has its own pros and cons, so has the concept of remote working. In order to remain productive while working from home, you need to stick to your laptops and computers. At the same time, you need to get up, go for a bath and take care of yourself and your dear ones.

Remote working culture demands a requisite effort, maybe not while working but while maintaining a work-life balance. Let us dive deep into how to get acquainted with wellness tips for working from home.

The onset of new normal

The onset of the remote working concept has made us realize so many things. Before the pandemic, who would have guessed that a piece of cloth (the precious mask) could become so essential and valuable.

And now, even going to the grocery store on a weekly basis feels like an adventure! We seem to have forgotten our old routine and are now easing into what appears to be our new normal. Owing to travel limits, we can continue to relax in our own backyards while continuing our work.

Online meetings have become a daily routine and our devices have become our best companions. In the near future, we may return to working offline but that doesn't seem to happen anytime soon.

Life under house arrest scenario

We could have never imagined ourselves confined to our houses. With no outings and no hanging out with our friends, we seem to be under house arrest. It's like an arrest without committing any crime.

But sometimes we need a break from this tedious routine. For some people, remote working has become a beneficial period of time utilization. But for others, it is full of physical and mental lethargy and boredom. It has also been observed that the sleep cycle of most people is disturbed.

Sleep disruptions during home confinement have been attributed to a variety of factors. Some of these include decreased face-to-face social contact, the mental stress of managing professional life from home, and increased screen time. Therefore, it would be wise of you to deploy your time into self-care, before it’s too late.

How to handle stress and self-care tips

Many people have not been able to handle themselves well while working remotely. Working remotely is the new normal and therefore it needs to be well managed. Many people suffer from anxiety, and you may have dropped out of your old routines and self-care habits.

It's not enough to go jogging or spend a lot of time in the gym to be healthy. Emotional, and social well-being are also essential components of a truly integrated wellness. This is why spending time exercising your self-care muscles is just as important as exercising your physical muscles. Apart from these, healthy food also plays a vital role in overall wellbeing.

You can handle your stress during remote working and take care of yourself with the below health tips: -

Spend some time with your family:  Even if we are home all day, spending some quality family time seems impossible due to our hectic lifestyle. Since we are unable to go out, we feel discomfort, rage, and frustration. But healthy living at home is possible.

Some good family time can rejuvenate you. Plan enjoyable and relaxing events for the whole family, such as board games, movies, art, and craft, or even workout sessions.

Stay connected: Take some time during the day to connect with your close ones. Connect to those who stay far away, particularly those who are older or alone, this won't just make them happy but also strengthen your bond. You need to take care and keep in touch with your folks to be happy.

Catch up with your friends or peer group online on a video call. Check out the elderly or the impaired in your neighborhood, and offer assistance if they need anything. Such acts will have an optimistic effect on your mental health.

Chill and meditate: You don't have to be busy all the time. Sometimes it's nice to get away and do nothing but relax and breathe. Cast aside some peaceful space for yourself where you can relax, breathe, or read a book. Practices such as yoga, pranayama, and meditation are very beneficial if you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Concentrate on positive thoughts: During these challenging times, it's very easy to focus on the negatives and get stressed. Instead, try to distance yourself from negative thinking and count your blessings.

Anticipate keeping a journal of gratitude and list the things you're grateful for. Do not overburden yourself with tasks to be performed. Set reasonable deadlines and try to achieve them step by step. Reward yourself for your little accomplishments.

Spend some time with yourself: Pamper yourself. Give yourself some time and rewards. Read a book or magazine. Take a leisurely walk with no goal. Ladies can go for pedicures or manicures. Do something astute: colouring, knitting, sewing.

Eat healthy food. Have a dance party with your favourite music. Buy some yoga pants and start practicing yoga. Basically, do anything that makes you happy and brings a smile to your face.

Support your team and crisis management

Many workplaces are waiting for their employees to make this transformation without skipping a beat. Constant video meetings, day-to-day team chats, and, increasingly, employee supervision, are becoming the rule as team leaders virtually try to exercise the control they feel in the office.

Accept the changes: With the complete interference with normal life, employees usually feel less productive and motivated and more disconnected, all at the top of a real fear of losing. In a situation of distress, clear and empathetic communication can help employees to manage that anxiety.

Leaders need to recognize the challenges that people face and make room for them to talk about how they are doing. This may seem scary, but it can be as simple as asking colleagues how they feel and giving them some room to relax.

One of the best ways for organizations to support employees with additional family responsibilities or stress is by offering them more control when they work. Become a bit flexible on their working times and try to be as supportive as you can.

Expect less: With so much economic uncertainty, care at work is very essential. You need to make your team stronger at its core. Understand them, expect less in the beginning, and gradually increase your expectations.

Effective leaders are putting their people first right now. If the business is slow, encourage team members to catch up with administrative duties or work on professional development activities that are effective and do not have any tough deadlines.

Thoughtful leaders recognize that early and truthful speaking is a vital strategy in a fast-moving crisis. This would also give the other person some time to take a suitable decision for himself/herself. All these things would surely help you take care of your team members and yourself.

Way forward

We know that encouragement is the key to caring. In the coming years, self-care will lead to overall happiness. Every decision we make is crucial and will decide the future of ourselves and also of the people around us.

  • Moving to a Digital Life: Online banking, online travel bookings, online movies, online workouts, online doctor's consultation, cashless payments, digital communication – are the new normal that promote our day-to-day life and business routines. However, the good news today is that everything has become easier and faster. Therefore, even you need to be on your toes all the time to sustain yourself or your business in this digital race.
  • Culture of the New Office: Social distancing would mean a major shift to a remote working model for most businesses. Besides that, the whole approach makes sense to the business community as it saves a lot of time, money, and useless conflicts.
  • Sanitizing, Wearing Masks, and Social Distancing: People will need to take care of themselves and implement the best hygiene practices for their own benefit and for the advantage of those around them. Hand-washing, sanitized surroundings, wearing masks, and social distances will become part of our daily lives.

Work from home healthcare should be your top priority. Taking care of yourself at home and taking care of employees at the office can make a little difference to minimize the hassle and struggle that we all are facing every day. These wellness tips can make it all easy for you, only if you choose to follow them diligently.

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