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Are you passionate about healthy and sustainable eating? Turn your passion into a flourishing business with VMeals - UAE's most trusted and fastest-growing healthy meal plan brand.

As a VMeals franchise owner, you're not only starting a business; you're empowering a community with nutrition-rich meals and working towards a healthier future.


Why choose the VMeals franchise?


Thriving Market

With VMeals, you can enter the thriving health and wellness industry to hit $1 trillion by 2026 - a clear indication of the high customer demand.


Proven Success

VMeals is not a concept; we are a proven success well-known for our extensive support, specific training, and excellent reputation as a leading UAE brand.


Low-cost Entry

Our franchise business has a low-cost entry model that guarantees a swift and transparent ROI, allowing you to scale your business confidently.


No Experience

Prior experience for opening a franchise with us is optional with our 'business-in-the-box approach' with pre-launch and complete training aids.


Get your own VMeals Franchise!

If you are interested in becoming a VMeals franchisee then please ensure that all fields are completed in a clear manner and kindly note that the franchise will require an upfront investment so please indicate the amount of capital available to invest and its source.

We will not entertain enquiries that do not provide all the information.

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Why do you want to own a VMeals Franchise?


Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to VMeals Franchise


How much does it cost to buy a VMeals franchise?


An estimated investment of $120,000 to $200,000 will be needed. Although the total investment to begin operations of a new meal plan varies according to location and scale of operation.

How long does it take to open a franchise?


The time needed to open a franchise can be as short as 3 months depending on the location and scale of operations.

Can I own multiple VMeals franchises?


Yes, you can own multiple franchises. Businesses naturally grow and expand into other locations, so VMeals allows you to grow proactively. All you need to do is purchase the rights to an additional franchise.

What are the steps to own a VMeals franchise?


To get started, fill out the Prospective Franchisee Form above. Our team will review your application and get back to you shortly.

How long does the franchise agreement last?


A franchise agreement usually lasts for 7 years with an option to renew. This allows our franchisees to operate in a sufficient amount of time.

What support does VMeals provide to its franchise partners?


At VMeals, we provide a complete setup box to our partners for the successful running of the franchise.

What are the terms of renewal for a franchise agreement?


To renew a franchise agreement, the franchisee must meet certain conditions, including having no outstanding breaches, signing a new deal, renewing the lease, upgrading signage, refurbishing premises and paying the renewal fee.

Why choose VMeals over other healthy meal plan companies?


Through a proprietary management system, the VMeals franchise offers diverse dietary options, personalized nutrition support, customization flexibility, operational efficiency and reliability. This sets us apart from competitors and enables franchisees to cater to a broad clientele base with varying dietary preferences.

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