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How to Stick to A Diet Plan?

11th September, 2023

9 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Follow a Meal Plan

The majority of people begin their year with the resolution of eating healthy and staying fit. Leading a life that is as fit as a fiddle is everyone's desire. For many, it has even become a necessity more than a mere wish. You might fall under any of these categories. However, even though it is a required habit for you, you may fail to take the initiative.

If this is the case, don't worry, as there are many out there like you undergoing the same trouble. It is easy to pledge a particular lifestyle that will add positive attributes to your life. But the journey is not at all a bed of roses. You might even start a plan, but it takes a lot of dedication and willpower to stay motivated.

There could be zillion reasons that shatter your inner strength and make you feel weak at times. From lack of knowledge regarding nutrition, proper guidance, and setting unrealistic goals, many factors could affect your diet. Yet, consistency is the key to attaining your goals. Even for staying lean and fit, you need to stick to your meal plan. To help you with that, we came up with some practical suggestions that you can adapt quickly.

9 Tips to Stay Motivated to Continue Meal Plan

Determine the Reason behind Your Initiative

A diet plan can be for varied purposes. You might need a strategy to lose weight, increase or just maintain weight. You need to define your reasons and write them down clearly.

The next thing you can do is read them regularly. Try to use them as a reminder to cut down on your temptations. Your reason could range from your deteriorating health, medical issues, improving self-confidence, looking good in a particular event, or anything in-between.

You can jot down any factor that matters to you the most. Take a look at them every time you feel like giving up. It will help you get recharged by reminding you of the motive behind your decision.

Set Achievable Goals

There are several diet charts and products that claim instant results. But you need to understand that being healthy is not a mission, but rather a journey. Believing those claims and failing to meet those targets can thoroughly disappoint you.

This is why it is essential to set realistic and achievable goals. For instance, you may come across different workout videos that claim “diet to lose 10 kg in 10 days.” But it is not possible to gain or lose weight within such a short period. You need to be practical with yourself and your body.

Begin with setting small goals and try to achieve them gradually. The more you gain those small accomplishments, the more you feel like continuing it and sticking to it even after meeting your objectives.

Go with a Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle


Your neighbor or friend might lose weight very fast and follows a rigorous meal routine. This might influence you well, and you might want to do the same. But first, you need to think if your lifestyle matches that very person. Suppose they don't have to do as much physical work as you? What they chose for their intake might perfectly meet their daily requirements. But it might not be the same for you.

You need to select a food regime keeping your schedule, work-life, and goals in mind. Going on strict and expensive plans like many others might now show any results.

But remember, you need to stay consistent with whatever intake routine you choose. Hence, pick up eating programs that you can continue for the long term.

Maintain a Food Journal

Self-monitoring is another constructive way to stay motivated. You are more likely to keep up with your plan if you track your food intake. In accordance to maintain a food journal accurately, you must write everything you consume.

It includes your every meal, and snack, and don't forget the piece of junk you gulped in the middle of your work. You might also record your emotions in that journal. People generally tend to overeat, also called emotional eating, when feeling sad or emotional.

Food undoubtedly renders comfort and a good feeling, but overeating can be harmful. It will not only demotivate you but destroy all your already accomplished goals. Keeping a food journal can help you identify situations that trigger your overeating.

Keep Your House Junk Proof

There are chances that you may get distracted every time passing over the junk section of the market. It becomes a mission impossible if it floats in front of your eyes. But that is where you need to strengthen yourself the most.

It doesn't matter how determined you are toward your goal. Watching distractions in front of you all the time can destroy everything. You are perfectly aware of what you need to maintain weight. Thus, keep your house junk-free.

It is better to pack your surroundings with healthy stuff only. In the meantime, if you feel like enjoying a treat, it's better to have that outside. To begin with, you can make a list of things that triggers your cravings the most. You can then accordingly decide what to buy, what not to buy, what to keep, and what not to keep.

Reward Yourself

Maintaining weight is a hectic task. It gets boring to eat the same healthy thing every day. This is why you need to add some spices in between your journey to keep you going. Celebrate every little achievement and treat yourself after stepping on each stone.

Suppose you targeted to eat clean for an entire month or even for a week. After you successfully finish your target, you can treat yourself to a treat meal. You can have ice cream, go hang out with friends or even buy yourself anything that you have wanted for a long time.

But make sure to pick rewards carefully and avoid cheat meal mistakes. Also, set bonuses that are easy to access, and you can easily allow yourself to follow them without any guilt.

Record Your Progress


Sometimes slow progress might make you question your choices. It isn't easy to spot the difference initially till everybody gets to notice that. But that must not stop you from proceeding. You need to stay committed.

For that, you can maintain a logbook where you jot down every little change you notice. You can record every kg or inch you lose or gain after every alternative week or month. Watching the progress will force you to stick to your diet even if you can't notice it with your eyes.

But be careful when you track your accomplishments with your weight. Sometimes body scale fails to define the positive changes your body experiences internally. Thus, please don't get too obsessed with the numbers, as they can disappoint you sometimes.

Try Something New Often

You'll become bored if you eat the same stuff again and again. And anything that has no fun is hard to practice for a long time. Try to bring variety to your dishes. Even healthy can be tasty. You can cook or order new healthy dishes available for delivery which are not bland salads, often. There are plenty of sources available today.

You can follow various weight loss or muscle gain meal plans to break up your monotonous routine and keep your things interesting. You can try new food items that you never tasted. It is easier to stick to your strategies when you know something new is waiting every day.

We can assist you by providing healthy menus with delectable and nutrient-dense balanced food delivered right to your house.

Seek Support if You Need

It is tough to travel an entire journey alone. You can take a friend to accompany you on this venture. Having someone beside you can help you stay motivated even when you feel down.

You can even form a group of people in your locality or your friend circle and discuss your objectives and progress. You can also organize sessions where you can pick up motivational books or listen to podcasts. These activities add fuel to the flame and help you focus on your goal with more dedication.

You can even opt for a coach or nutritionist for help. If you feel it is tough for you to pursue a plan without any strict supervision, it is better to have a professional. A diet chart that you are bound to follow can also help you stay consistent.

Final Thoughts

While everybody all around is working so hard to stay fit and slim, why should you stand behind? It is undoubtedly not an easy task to bring about, but it is not impossible either. Experts say it is only 10-15% physical activity and 80% diet. And you might have heard what goes inside shows outside. Hence, the journey of a healthy lifestyle begins with what goes inside your tummy.

You can try adopting the tips mentioned above to stay committed to healthy eating. Making an effective plan is indeed the first step, to begin with. But what good is all of that if you don't stick to it for the rest of your life?

As a result, plan your path carefully since inspiration comes from within. It is only feasible if it matches your physical, mental, and work-life circumstances.

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