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5 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

11th September, 2023

5 Important Tips to Lose Weight

Losing weight is like a dream come true for those who are already exhausted by all types of suggestions from different people. They have tried everything, the gym trainers, doctors, herbal way advisors, Zumba trainers, and the old wives' tales.

However, the expanding waistline has become their worst nightmare. Even sweating out in gyms for hours has not shown any significant results. But why? What went wrong?

Most obese people are suffering due to genetic reasons. The kids of obese parents are more prone to get obese due to their hereditary conditions. Not only obese people but also new moms, those who have a sedentary lifestyle, and people with depression are more likely to gain weight.

Your body is formed in such a way that once your metabolism loses control; it starts acting in all the wrong manners. Therefore, keeping a check on your eating habits and daily activities becomes very important to keep your weight under control.

A fit body not only makes you look charming and younger, but it also aids in your lifetime and keeps you away from various chronic ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Our nutritionists help in making your weight loss journey easier and more convenient by providing you with healthy yet tasty meal plans. There are wellness plans that are customized based on your body type and your BMI.

The dieticians modify the diet plans according to your physical structure requirements. We strongly recommend these diet plans to those who are done experimenting with their appearances to look slim and fit.

Unhealthy ways to lose weight

Most fat people stop eating and start fasting to achieve the goal of losing weight. However, by doing this, they make themselves physically weaker. The body starts losing its natural glow due to a lack of nutrients.

People who fast for a longer period tend to feel dizzy, fatigued, constipated, and unable to cope with the weather changes. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body impacts the immune system badly and gets exposed to all kinds of viral and bacterial infections.

Thus, we never recommend you stop yourself from eating food. We rather emphasize a healthy eating plan for weight loss. This plan aids in achieving the desired weight and also soothes your taste buds.

Our master chefs also recommend changing your daily routine and encourage you to opt for your favorite workout activity which can result in expediting the process of weight loss while sticking to a balanced diet.

Weight reduction can be a tiresome journey. However, you can achieve anything if you have strong willpower and determination. Just losing weight and getting thinner should not be your motto.

Focus on getting into shape by sticking to the best food combinations for nutrient absorption. You can easily swap unhealthy foods with a healthy option.

5 tips for shedding the extra fat from your body

Regular workout

Obesity is one of the most common problems in the world. Fat people are more prone to getting diagnosed with various chronic disorders like diabetes and heart ailments. Hence it becomes obligatory for them to add exercise to their daily routine.

Regular exercise is the right answer for people who are overweight and looking for ways to get rid of that extra fat from their bodies. Workout helps in maintaining weight and staying healthy. Obese people should inculcate more cardio exercises which help in burning the extra calories.

People who are too lazy to work out should start with walking and then jogging to reduce their weight. Working out daily is not only beneficial for fat people but also remarkable for people who like to keep themselves fit. The lot who is unable to hit the gym should start practicing basic yoga first or can go for Zumba, Pilates, or aerobics as well.

Swimming is also an alternate option for getting rid of those extra. It not only helps in weight loss but also keeps you active and fresh.

Balanced diet


The diet also plays a very crucial role in everyone's life. People consuming junk food regularly are more likely to gain weight. Chubby people who wish to lose weight should consume protein-rich food.

Proteins aid in building bones and muscles stronger. Proteins can be found in eggs, meat, fish, seafood, and dairy products. Those who do not consume non-vegetarian food can opt for a vegetarian diet plan designed by our master chefs in VMeals.

A combination of a good diet and exercise is the key to reducing that extra weight which is very harmful to the body. People should limit the intake of aerated drinks as these beverages have a very negative impact on the body. Consuming such drinks regularly causes weight gain.

One should keep a check on the amount of calories they are consuming and then should work out to burn these extra calories. Quitting sugar from your meals works miraculously when you start towards your goal of getting fit.

Sleep cycle

The sleeping cycle should not be neglected as this also has a very significant role in maintaining weight. People who sleep more are likely to get obese as their activity level is quite less and due to this, they end up giving an invitation to multiple diseases.

Sleeping for 7-8 hours a day from 10 pm to 6 am is considered the best sleeping cycle. People who sleep for 10-12 hours daily are at a higher risk of getting morbidly obese. Oversleeping disturbs our biological cycle due to which the internal system of our body starts acting mysteriously.

This results in several side effects as the body tries very hard to get in sync with the actual time allocated for other activities. It brutally affects your digestive system and bowel movement. Due to no activity for a longer time, the food eaten last night remains in the body and starts impacting the internal system.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to follow a disciplined timetable and leave everything behind when it is time to hit the bed and have a sound sleep.


Drinking water before every meal reduces the calorie intake as it takes up space in the stomach. Supping up 8-9 glasses of water every day is necessary for every body type.

Water is an excellent source of detoxification that tends to remove all the unnecessary components from the body. Consuming water in large quantities tends to keep the person full and they end up eating limited food and thereby can limit fat gain. Not to mention, it also saves you from dehydration.

Eat slowly


Referring to weight gain, if anyone gulps food, then there's a chance of that person increasing their weight. But the person who eats slowly is more likely to lose weight. When we are done eating, our gut starts releasing a fullness hormone which sends a message to the brain that the body has eaten enough food.

Hence, the person gets the feeling of being full. Thus slow eating is good for digestion as the digestive system gets extra time to extract necessary nutrients from it and contributes towards health.

The pace of Losing Weight

Eating habits and the way we eat food can act as a game-changer for those who need to keep their body weight in control.

Losing weight is a time-consuming activity. Thus, do not lose hope and patience. Start your journey by making short goals and then slowly and gradually increasing your target. Every good thing takes time to happen. Similarly, weight loss does not happen overnight. While working out, keep your spirit high and morale up.

Some people start munching chocolates and other unhealthy food to get rid of depression. This behavior is called emotional eating. The increasing stress forces the body to release cortisol hormone which contributes to increased hunger. Thus the person ends up overeating.

Importance of losing weight healthily

You always need to believe that everything is possible if you wish for that to happen. Getting rid of extra fat and calories can promote health benefits too. A fit body lowers down cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels.

The sweat shed today will benefit you in the long run. Once you get into a habit of eating well and keeping yourself healthy, you feel a different kind of energy in you which boosts your confidence and keeps you in high spirits.

A healthy diet helps your metabolism which plays a vital role in deciding your body weight.

Bottom Line

We are what we eat. Hence start eating healthy and energy-rich food. You will begin to notice the glow on your face which is a result of your diet.

Make yourself healthier and stronger by switching to a healthy meal plan and removing all those activities from your daily routine which deteriorate your health. Always remember that health is the real wealth.

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