Get in Shape after Years of Inactivity

Return Back in Shape After a Sedentary Lifestyle: Process and Diet Plans

Between work pressure, social events, and family duties, it seems downright challenging for people to add anything else to their regular schedule. With a fast-moving lifestyle, people tend to forgo the benefits of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle involves barely or no physical activities that result in several severe health complications. A healthy lifestyle helps you regulate your unsystematic activities and boost your energy level to actively perform your daily task, specifically for women’s health after 40. It’s never too late to start physical activities and getting back in shape after years of inactivity.

For people who start working out after an extended period, it’s best to start the workout at a low level to retain your muscles and forge endurance. The sooner you start your exercise, the sooner you feel energetic, healthier, and stress-free. You can regain your body shape at any age with a balanced diet and regular workouts that do not include spending more hours in the gym or Zumba classes. Everyone has a different body structure, the equation for getting back the body shape works differently for every individual. So, you need to know the correct procedures on how to get back in shape at home.

We here at VMeals focus on providing solutions and meal plans to live a healthy lifestyle. These are some pointers that might help you to understand the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and how you can overcome it through a healthy diet with regular exercise.

Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle on Your Health

A sedentary lifestyle has become a serious issue that’s widely increasing in every corner of the globe. A prolonged period of physical inactivity can reduce your metabolism and impair the body’s functioning to control the sugar level, fat breakdown, and blood pressure flow. Hormonal changes at 40 symptoms are evident specifically for women, including less sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes, urinary problems, and other illnesses. These are a few major health risks you will encounter for living a stationary lifestyle:

1. Obesity

There is no doubt obesity is one of the critical health issues in the whole world. Because of irregular lifestyles and an unbalanced diet, people gain more weight, and that causes severe problems. Obesity triggers other health issues in your body that can lead to death. You can control this health issue through workouts and eating healthy food to transform yourself from fat to fit at 40.

2. High blood pressure

Less physical activity affects your body functioning and narrows down the blood flow level in your body. This is why plaque begins to gather in your blood vessels, and due to improper flow, blood exerts more pressure on the blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure problems. High blood pressure damages the supply of blood to the heart and causes various chronic issues.

3. Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a disease that develops from deformities in your digestive system. If you have metabolic syndrome, it can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. By following a balanced diet and regular exercise for at least 30 minutes, you can regulate your digestive function in a healthy state.

4. Loss of flexibility

We lose a minimum level of flexibility as a result of aging processes. Hence, a sedentary lifestyle increases the defunctioning of the body’s flexibility and mobility. Lack of flexibility results in bone injury, muscle paralysis, and other health issues. So, it’s better to take the initiative and focus on how to stay fit after 40 for better health.

5. Type 2 Diabetes

Inactivity and lack of digestion can make your body impenetrable to insulin, which causes diabetes. You can face major health complications due to type 2 diabetes, including hypoglycemia, eye disease, swelling in the tissues, and macrovascular problems. In Dubai, type 2 diabetes is one of the concerning health issues that is rapidly increasing.

Is 40 Too Late to Start Exercising?

Getting back in shape takes a lot of effort and time. With your firm determination, you can make it possible. If you maintain a healthy diet and perform regular physical activities, it will boost your immune system to live a healthy lifestyle after 40. VMeals offers personalized healthy meal plans that fit your needs and requirements. There is no age bar to start exercising, don’t take too much load at the initial stage. You can start with jogging and basic movements to regain your strength.

Specifically, women in their 40’s can start exercising regularly to maintain their body shape and health. It’s better to focus on exercising after 40 to reduce health complications in the near future. The best workout for a 40-year-old man is categorized into 5 common types: cardio, core strength, flexibility exercise, balance exercise, and strength training. Don’t give too much pressure initially, be reasonable with your body capacity and requirements.

What Precautions Need to Be Taken When Starting in Later Years

Daily exercise is essential to keep your body fit and fine. You need to take certain precautions if you are starting heavy physical activities after a long gap.

Don’t Take Too Much Load At Once

In the beginning phase, it’s better not to take too much pressure that can affect your health instead. Make a routine according to your comfortability and increase the time of training gradually. Any form of cardiovascular workout is a suitable exercise for beginners over 40.

Choosing Activities

Regular physical activities are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t mean all training is appropriate for elders. Choosing your preferable type of movement helps you to build stamina without putting in the extra effort. Specifically, Yoga is the recommended and suitable workout for 40-year-old women at home. Household works and gardening activities are also alternative means of physical activities that burn calories and keep your body fit.

Climate Concerns

For senior people, weather change is a matter of concern. As the body metabolism works slowly thus external changes in weather can affect your body state. People with asthma and other chronic diseases have a hard time exercising in public gatherings. Try to cover ears, nose, and hands during a winter workout.

Expert Guidance

People starting their exercise after a long period need the guidance of a physical trainer or expert advice. Many fitness enthusiasts follow the wrong routine and physical activities that result negatively. If you get genuine guidance from the expert, it will help you level up your workout program. For instance, aerobic exercise for a 40-year-old woman is the best way to keep both mind and body healthy.

Is It Possible to Get in Shape Without Going to Gym?

Many people spend a lot of time in the gym to shape their bodies. On second thought, for some people, it’s not a convenient and cost-effective option. It’s not feasible for an older person to spend long hours in the gym; therefore, you can make your workout schedule at your home. Make a proper plan and execute them with consistency.

If you don’t have sufficient space at home, practice physical activities in your garden area or terrace. Not only for vitamin D, but proper inhale and exhale in a green area can boost your training enthusiasm. You can learn several easy workout techniques online on how to get the perfect body shape at home.

Diet Plan to Follow If One Wants to Get in Shape

Including physical activities, you need to pay attention to your diet plan for developing proper physic. No matter what shape and size you have, a balanced diet and healthy foods can increase your stamina. Before you start working on weight training and other physical activities, focus on your daily food habits and meal preparation. VMeals has an extensive range of diet and meal plans that provide the necessary nutrition to keep your body healthy. We ensure that our esteemed clients get the nourishing meals and the best diet after 40, increasing immunity, reducing the risks of diseases, and maintaining overall fitness.

We combine the latest knowledge and traditional means to create the best diet chart as per your needs. From vegan diet to pescatarian diet plan, we offer multiple options that fulfill your diet goals. We have different diet lists like the keto diet, vegan diet, and gluten-free diet plan for every individual as per their tastes and preferences. A healthy diet means food with high nutrients and protein such as green vegetables, cereals, grains, fish, dairy products, and beverages. Depending on your physical needs, you need to choose the ideal diet and the best food to eat after 40 to get a good body shape.


Physical activity is the only key to reduce the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise and sedentary behavior increases the chances of having major health problems. For some people, it’s hard to manage their regular diet and meal plans in their demanding work schedule. Thus, VMeals has a variety of meal plans and healthy diets for every individual in Dubai that provides sufficient nutritional requirements for sedentary people. We make sure you get fresh healthy meals delivered to your door to attain your daily nutrients limits and overcome the challenges of physical activities after years of inactivity.

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