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Consistency vs Perfection in Weight Loss

11th September, 2023

Aim for Consistency Over Perfection in Your Weight Loss Journey

Consistent hard work brings success. Consistency leads to habit formation. It is rightly said that if you do something for 21 days consecutively, that becomes second nature for you. If you want to learn a new skill, practice it daily.

If you're going to learn a new language, read one word and memorize it regularly. This way, you rewire your brain to make it a habit and inculcate it in your day-to-day affairs until your brain accepts this activity and recognizes the sequence.

By being committed to your goals, you help build a neural path in your brain, which eventually gets ingrained in your memory. You can move ahead because you carry out your chores with uniformity and patience. This dedication to yourself becomes your new normal.

Why is Consistency Important than Perfection in Weight Loss?

Similar to learning a new activity, your health and nutrition objectives also need determination. When you are aspiring to make nutritious food choices or training your body in the gym, you create a habit. The more persistent you are in exercising or consuming a balanced diet, the greater is chances of your brain to accept these new actions and develop them into lifelong traits.

Before long, you will find that your meal preparations have taken prominence, and hitting the gym regularly becomes something like walking around the park.

Most people fail because they lack not the aptitude or access to facilities but the discipline to show up regularly. Most people get excited about their goals during the first few days or weeks, but slowly lethargy creeps in, and they start avoiding their workout routine or indulge in more cheat days than advisable. But people who stick around consistently succeed to evolve a healthy lifestyle.

Complications of Perfectionism

If you want to gain muscle or lose fat, you may often feel that there is no room for error, primarily when it boils down to healthy diets. But our expert nutritionists and dieticians suggest otherwise. Trying hard to stick to a diet plan can literally backfire, and you will end up halfway without any favourable result.

The notion of eating a perfect meal and never indulging yourself is all virtuous and mighty, but the only problem is, it is not humanly viable. Life happens, and you hit stumbling blocks every now and then.

One day you may wake up late, the other day you may have an office appointment, yet another day your family may need you, and it goes on and on. You miss one day; you feel all smudged and wonder where it went wrong.

The idea of perfection, rather than being helpful, hurts you at times. Instead, we recommend that consistency is the key to perfection

What are the factors affecting weight loss?

When you strive to be a perfectionist, it becomes a game of "all or none." You miss one meal, and you feel guilty and seem to have lost everything. But the truth is missing out on one meal or a few workout sessions can't make you gain weight, or following a strict routine won't make you fit.

The weight loss journey requires more than seer perfection. It needs wholehearted dedication and regularity in your actions. Meal plans such as muscle gain diet plans or weight loss diet plans can take you a long way in maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

At the beginning of your "eat healthily and exercise more" routine, you may start to notice changes but suddenly may get frustrated with slow weight loss. This is the state when even after full efforts, the weight reduction freezes.

There could be many reasons for this weight loss plateau, but you can bounce back with a few changes in your daily routine. The factors affecting weight loss can be summarized as follows.

Follow a proper diet plan

Our nutritionist suggests following a proper meal plan if you want to lose weight the healthy way, as diet is an essential aspect of this journey.

Simply banishing bread, butter, and sweets may not be enough for your body. There must be other ingredients added to your diet to make it wholesome. An overall wellness meal plan may be what your body requires to shed those pounds when you may be depriving them of nutrients disguised as carbs.

A portion of whole nutrient-dense food is what your body may need. We also advocate eating small amounts throughout the day, which can be more effective than eating three full meals. Also, you must abstain from emotional binging and try consuming healthy meals.

Damp in sweat

Follow a workout routine and stick to it. Exercising regularly helps you stay fit and lose unnecessary fats and gain muscles. If you include cardio and resistance training, they can help you increase calorie and fat burn. Follow a workout routine and stick to it. Exercising regularly helps you stay fit and lose unnecessary fats and gain muscles. If you include cardio and resistance training, they can help you increase calorie and fat burn.

Studies prove that being persistent with your workout schedule can help lessen stress and improves your sleep cycle.

Sleep tight


The quantity of quality sleep directly affects your weight loss motives. If you complete seven to eight uninterrupted hours of deep slumber regularly, you are more likely to go pump in the gym, as you will awake fresh.

It also affects your food selections as sleep deprivation snowballs into the brain's impairment giving rise to unhealthy eating habits. This can ultimately lead to weight gain.

Satiate your thirst

What you drink matters, just like your food intake. Consuming an adequate amount of water is mandatory. People also mistake thirst for hunger and may gobble up more calories than required.

So, staying hydrated is a must if you want to avoid binge eating. It would help if you also steered clear of aerated drinks and sodas as they are detrimental to your gut health. Instead, opt for water and healthy beverages.

How to Stay Committed to Losing Weight?

In today's digital era, it's understandable why you want to look perfect. It could be a manifestation of comparing yourself with your social media friends. It may stem from the beauty standards of the global fashion platforms or simply from juggling your daily work-life balance.

You may feel the urge to be perfect always. But in doing so, you must never forget that consistency over perfection weight loss routine will bear its fruit more than anything else. So, here are a few ways of staying committed.

Objectives are SMART

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. Take up one goal at a time.

For example, taking up one exercise-oriented habit or healthy meal. Focus on getting the full impact from it. It's essential to create goals that are realistic and time-bound for best results.

Know your WHY

Always try to focus on WHY you started when you started. If you can get deeper and reconnect the dots to something that can make you accountable, then the going will be easier during darker days.

Getting to know your purpose will work psychologically and biologically and give signals to your brain to work towards your aim. It helps find the cause and effect, aligning it with the advantages of being fitter.

Don't banish foods


Keeping certain foods off-limits will automatically trigger cravings in your brain. These restrictions imposed on your favourite chocolates or ice creams will give rise to urges you cannot control anymore. Howsoever you want to ignore the thought, you will end up thinking only about that.

Hence, you must have cheat days when you treat yourself to your preferred delicacies. But as the word is "treat," you must stick to few and far between goodies, else it would become a habit and not be a cheat meal any more.

Be back in the game

Once you allow yourself treated with banished foods, you must know that your calorie count is affected. Hence, to be back in the game, you must decide on the right time to avoid it and make healthier choices.

Don't agonize over breaking the rules, and start at once to follow the smarter choices in your snacks and meals.

Swap to shun monotony

Monotony or dietary rut is when you continue eating the same breakfast, lunch, or dinner day in and day out. It seems convenient when you don't have to make much effort to prepare the meals daily.

But this eating can have adverse effects if what you eat is unhealthy. So, learn to swap harmful with nutritious options.

Trace your trail over time

Never forget to pat your back when you accomplish a goal. Chalk out new details and design more pristine areas to work upon. Plan to embrace robust changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

When you are consistent and have a never-give-up attitude while facing bumps for your betterment, you are bound to succeed.

Don't drag your feet

When it comes to consistency and weight loss, always remember not to make excuses for why you can't take up the challenge. Be patient and persistent in your routine. Comprehend the strategies that are working and work upon the ones that you feel need attention.

If you think you are continuously becoming overweight, then try digging for the reasons you are gaining weight. Is it the meal plan or the exercise routine that is dragging you down? Does it mean hitting your strategies more accurately, hitting the gym more often, fighting off stress or setting a more explicit expectation, or just taking more rest throughout the day?

The moment you start an open conversation with yourself and your dietician, you set a clear tone to establish and interpret your nutrition headways.

Bottom Line

Ward off the misconception that to be healthy, the only way at your disposal is to be perfect. Consistency and not perfection will take you where you wanted to be in your weight management regime.

Your constant efforts, focus, and dedication are the only building blocks of the substantial foundation you aim to achieve. So, row your boat and start showing up consistently on your journey to good health.

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