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7 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

23rd February, 2024

Starting a fitness routine is easy but maintaining one is where most people fail. In the busy lifestyle that we lead today, we have a ton of aspects to attend to. So, it is quite understandable if you are not able to keep up with your fitness journey. However, that doesn't make it okay to give up on fitness. Along with a healthy meal plan, a fitness routine will prepare your body and mind to take on everyday challenges.

In the pursuit of fitness, people often get demotivated to continue their fitness regime. When they do so, it further shakes off their confidence, leading to a series of demoralization that may severely damper their personal as well as professional lives. This is why we are here to bring you some of the manageable tips that you can follow to stay motivated on your fitness journey.

How to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Routine?

Maintaining a fitness regime takes practice. It is not something that you can build in a matter of a day. You need to stay patient and persevere. There might be days when even getting out of bed will be difficult. There will be days when you will find your hands full to even take a few minutes off to take a breather. There will be days when your health will not be at its optimal best.

So, does that mean the lack of continuity is going to be a perennial obstacle to your fitness routine? No! Just because there will be busy and low days where you can't keep up with your fitness routine, it doesn't mean the end of the world.

You need to keep doing your best. For instance, if you have signed up for a muscle-gain meal plan and are trying to complement it with a fitness routine that will accelerate the process, just because you have days where you skip the routine or if you don't see immediate results, it doesn't mean you have to stop. The idea is to keep going.

The following tips will give you a whole new perspective as to how to keep going in your fitness journey. Even though they might sound like simple changes, they will bring everlasting positive impact to your life.

Define Your Goals

First and foremost, have clarity of where you are currently at in your life and where you want to go in the future in terms of fitness. Set yourself achievable goals instead of unrealistic ones.

Therefore, take some time, have clarity in your vision, and set small goals. A good habit might be to set achievable goals for the foreseeable time period and update them after the completion of the said time period. For instance, those following a weight loss meal plan should define how much weight they can healthily lose over the next three months.

Track Your Progress

When you track your progress, it will give you motivation to keep going. There is something about measurable success that activates your brain to keep pursuing your goals. This is why people who resort to a measured meal such as a keto diet where they keep track of their nutrient quotient find themselves motivated to stay on their goal.

Therefore, maintain a journal or download your favorite fitness app to see everyday changes or the amount of work you are putting into your fitness journey.


Pair Up with a Workout Buddy

Fitness becomes fun when you have an encouraging partner to give you company. This way, on the days when you feel down, they will motivate you, and you can do the same for them in their low days. A certain compulsion will also arise as you will feel not letting your partner down by giving up on your fitness routine.

However, make sure you have a healthy relationship with the person you are choosing to pair up with. You both should have a positive influence on each other instead of putting each other down. Ensure you both complement each other.

Stay Positive

Don't fall into peer pressure or those glamorous reels on social media. People have either worked for years to be where they are now or they have resorted to supplements to see easier and quick results. But you should strive to do it the healthy way.

Stay positive and instead of comparing yourself to others, be your own competitor. Staying positive doesn't mean staying happy always. It means having a firm belief in yourself that you will abide by your fitness routine. It involves having an understanding of the relationship between stress and your eating habits and persevering through learning from your mistakes.

Allot Rest Days

Taking rest is as important as pursuing your fitness routine. In between your exercises and at the end of the routine, take a rest. Furthermore, allot 1-2 rest days in a week where you take a complete break from your fitness exercises.

This will allow your body to recover and heal. You will also be able to see better results when you give your body the time to rest. Not to mention, the breaks also help you in having a free day or two when you can catch up on the things you want to do all week.

Break Monotonousness

When it comes to a fitness routine, keep mixing it up. Make sure to moderate and update your regime every 3-4 weeks so that you don't fall into the plateau of monotonousness. This way, you will keep looking forward to trying something new and your motivation will remain through the roof.

Engage in various indoor activities, focus on different parts of the body, and participate in distinct forms of exercises to keep your fitness routine spicy and eclectic.

Treat Yourself for Your Achievements

Instead of relying on the praises of others, be your own cheerleader and treat yourself after every achievement you make in your fitness regime, no matter how small or large it may be. This will keep you encouraged and you will keep striving to do better.

Setting small goals, having realistic expectations, and treating yourself will keep you motivated and you will develop a healthy relationship with yourself. It doesn't mean you have to eat junk food. Even within a healthy meal such as the Indian meal plan, you will find plenty of options that will be a treat for your taste buds as well as take care of your health.

To Conclude

Developing a fitness routine and maintaining it is not a joke. It takes a lot of discipline and perseverance to keep going. We hope these aforementioned tips will keep you motivated and you will be able to have a smoother and continuous experience in your fitness routine.

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