How to get rid of Belly Fat?

Simple ways to get rid of Belly Fat

One of the most dominant reasons for people to join a fitness regime is to get rid of their belly fat. Not only it is aesthetically unpleasant, but it also increases multiple health risks for the individual carrying it.

People are adopting a healthy diet, joining gyms, taking supplements, and going under the knife in the form of plastic surgery, among others, for reducing belly fat. But what exactly is the most desired and feasible way to burn belly fat? We find out that in this space.

But before that, we need to dig deep into it. To truly deal with a bodily issue, you need to get to its root to understand the basics of it. What is belly fat at its core? What causes it? How risky is it to your body? Fortunately, we have compiled the answers to all these questions and more under this one space for you. So, let us get started.

A common fitness goal

Most people misconstrue the true purpose of adopting a fitness regime. Their goal is to develop a healthy body that would help them click drool-worthy pictures that they can upload on their social media profiles to get more likes. This is truer for millennials and gen-z.

While there’s nothing wrong with working out and showing off your body, but that shouldn’t serve as your main goal. Understanding your body is the key to honing it. Whether it is to lose belly fat or develop biceps, increasing height to get six-pack abs, nothing will truly withstand the test of time if you do it without knowing them from a grass-root level.

As we said before, reducing belly fat serves as a primary fitness goal for many since your belly is one of the most pivotal areas in your body where fat easily accumulates. The visceral fat around your belly is significantly different from the subcutaneous fat seen around your arms, love handles, and waist.

The fats in and around your belly are deeply incorporated around your internal abdominal organs, which is extremely concerning. This is why many physicians, doctors, gym instructors, dieticians, and nutritionists often recommend focusing on reducing belly fat first.

What contributes to the build-up of belly fats?

Interestingly enough, visceral fat is not always visibly seen. This means that sometimes you may even have a lean body but still store visceral fat in your abdomen. As such, you would be blithely unaware of the existence of these fats in your body. This is why regular health check-ups are so crucial.

People also have a misconception that as long as they stay away from sugar-based food and red meat, they are fine and are distant from the risk of accumulating fat. Well, although these two are major fat contributors, there are others as well that may even harm you than these two combined.

Diet, although is a major determinant of whether you have belly fat or not, is not the only contributor to belly fat. Here are some of the most pivotal causes of belly fat:

Sugar-based foods and beverages

People intake more sugar than they realize every day. Whether it is high-sugar content foods such as candies or cakes, or so-called healthier food choices such as yoghurt or muffins, or even beverages such a sweet tea, flavoured soda, coffee, everything is rich in sugar.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots between sugar intake and the accumulation of belly fat. The presence of high fructose in sugar is the main contributor to belly fat.

Trans fats

There are various types of fats, but none is more harmful than trans fats. You would mostly find them in packaged foods because they help in extending their shelf lives. So, baking mixes, crackers, and muffins are rich in this type of fat.

Trans fat is created by mixing unsaturated fats and hydrogen, which, in turn, makes them a more stable and ideal choice for manufacturing companies to gain profit through their products.

Not only it leads to the production of belly fat, but it also leads to insulin resistance and causes inflammation.


Although moderate consumption of specific alcohol such as red wine is helpful since it lowers the risk of strokes and heart diseases, excess consumption of the same can lead to liver and heart diseases.

Since alcohol also subdues the fat burning process, the belly fat generated from heavy alcohol consumption is also called beer belly.

Poor sleep

Improper sleep has a direct correlation to weight gain. Studies have shown that people who sleep 5 or less than 5 hours a day are 32% more likely to gain more weight than those who sleep at least 7 hours.

Apart from belly fat, inadequate sleep will lead to sleep apnea, a medical condition where your breathing stops multiple times during the night.

Low-protein and low-fibre diets

Protein has a lot of benefits including improving your metabolism rate, which, in turn, helps you to reduce belly fat. Fibre, on the other hand, helps in reducing the calorie absorption from the food you intake while also stabilizing the hormones in your body that are responsible for generating hunger.

As such, the presence of both protein and fibre in your body is essential to ensure the elimination of any chance of the build-up of belly fat. Adopt a protein and fibre-rich diet plan to reduce belly fat with our classic meal delivery options.

Why is it necessary to lose belly fat?

Belly fats are essentially visceral fats that surround some of the most delicate human internal organs in the abdomen, such as the liver, stomach, and intestines. They are also known as active fats since they run the risk of serious health problems in the body.

Some of the diseases that are contributed by belly fats are as follows:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Asthma
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Ways to lose belly fat?

It may seem demanding at first, but once you get into the swing of it, you will realize that losing belly fat involves nothing but a few lifestyle changes. Here are some of them:

Aerobic exercises

Regular aerobic exercises would help you lose belly fat since it burns calories like nothing else. In fact, studies have even suggested that aerobic exercises, (or cardio, to be more specific) can help reduce fat even without dieting.

Simple jogging, running, and brisk walking can be a great way to start. Gradually, you can move to moderate or high-intense cardio exercises.

Consuming soluble fibres and protein

Soluble fibres are fermented by your gut bacteria into fatty acids that help burn belly fat. They also help in suppressing your appetite. So, include legumes, flaxseeds, grains, and sweet potatoes in your diet.

On the other hand, protein would help in boosting the metabolism of your body, which would result in the reduction of belly fat. Therefore, include eggs, dairy, meat, and whey protein in your daily diet.

Limiting the intake of carbs and sugar

Low-carb diets have been scientifically proven to reduce visceral fat than even low-fat diets. This is why; there has been so much popularity for the ketogenic diet around the globe recently.

Artificial sugar is rich in fructose which, when consumed, gets transformed into fat by your liver. So, alongside carb, you need to keep a watch on how much sugar you are consuming daily.

Avoid trans fat

Trans fat is abundantly present in potato chips, baked food, frozen pizza, microwave popcorns, etc. As you can see, they are present in foods whose shelf lives are increased by the manufacturers by artificially inducing hydrogen into unsaturated foods.

So, avoid them as much as you can and only consume them in moderation once a week if you can’t get rid of them completely.

Meditation and regular sleep

You may be surprised to know that meditating every day for even 30 minutes can go a long way in reducing belly fat. This is because stress is a major contributor to belly fat and meditation helps in reducing stress.

In the same spectrum, proper sleep of at least 7 hours a day would keep you calm and help your metabolism, which in turn would help you burn belly fat.


You need to work to burn belly fats not only for aesthetical reasons but for reducing the risk they bore to your body. As you can see, losing belly fat involves certain lifestyle and dietary changes. The first few days or even the first fortnight may seem demanding, but your body would soon adapt to the new changes.

You need to start acting on them so that they don’t overpower you in your old age. In fact, the presence of belly fat would ensure that you might not even live up to your full lifespan.

So, get started today and make burning belly fat your primary fitness goal.

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