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7 Healthy Substitutes for Potatoes to Include in Your Diet

31st January, 2024

For most households, potatoes are an everyday staple. Some even think that they can't get it without potatoes. In some manner or another, they find their way into one or more dishes of our meals daily. But they are not the most ideal vegetable you can have every day for the long term.

This is why, if you are opting for a healthy meal plan, you need to minimize the content of potatoes in your diet. We are not asking you to get rid of them completely since they surely have their benefits and you shouldn't curb all your cravings for this classic vegetable but controlling the amount of potatoes you consume will surely bring a positive change to your overall health.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided us with an extensive range of healthy alternatives to potatoes that closely resemble them in taste and nutritional value without the over-saturation of calorie content. In this space, we are going to get you acquainted with some of those healthy substitutes for potatoes.

7 Best Healthy Swaps for Potatoes

Despite the delicious taste they bring to your platter, they are responsible for making your blood sugar levels rise as they are pretty high on the glycemic index.

Yes, sure they are a great source of potassium and vitamins B6 and C, but they are also one of the highest calorie-inducing food items you consume. If you are following a keto diet, you know you know you have to say no to potatoes and look for other healthy alternatives.

While compiling our list of healthy substitutes for potatoes, we have tried to be as diverse as possible so that you can include them in an extensive range of cuisines and dishes. They may not completely match the profile of potatoes, but they surely bear as close a resemblance to them as you possibly can.


When it comes to an alternative to potatoes, you can't go wrong with cauliflower. Rich in vitamin C and high in fibers, they have a similar texture to potatoes. However, they are not as starchy as potatoes. This cruciferous vegetable has loads of benefits including its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

They make for great vegan lunch box options for your office as well. Whether it is roasted cauliflower with hummus or sticky sesame cauliflower, you can have them at work and be content that you are winning both in terms of nutrition and taste.



Radishes are great root vegetables that you can swap for lowering your calorie intake. You will get your healthy dosage of vitamin C from them which means you don't have to worry about their nutritional content in comparison to potatoes.

One thing about radishes you need to keep in mind is that they get cooked more quickly than potatoes. So, you need to keep a close watch on them while cooking. Furthermore, they are less creamy than your regular potatoes. As such, if you are making mashed radishes, then get a good load of non-fat cream on them.

Celery Root

Celeries are a major component of a green diet. But very often people ignore their roots, which is next on our list of healthy substitutes for potatoes. With a similar texture but lower carb content, celery roots can be mashed or roasted based on your preference, and you can even add them to your favorite soup.

However, in terms of taste, we must let you know that they are not a one-on-one match since potatoes have a more neutral taste to them while celery roots have an earthly flavor to them.


Rutabaga are comparatively sweeter and have a more yellowish flesh than potatoes but they can be included in mashed, roasted, or boiled form for any potato-inclusive dishes.

They aid in improving your bowel movement and also help avoid premature aging. Furthermore, they are also great antioxidant agents and the fact that they help in healthy loss of weight makes them an apt addition to your weight loss meal plan.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squashes are a great addition to a balanced diet since they have a diverse range of nutrients in them. From vitamins A and C to potassium, manganese, and magnesium, they will supply the much-needed nutrients to your everyday meal.

You can have them mashed or roasted and for some delightful treats, you can even turn them into French fries. They are slightly higher in carbs than most of the other alternatives mentioned in this list but their high fiber content makes for great food sources for people who suffer from acute constipation.


Turnips make for an extremely palatable vegetable that bears a close resemblance to potatoes. You can not only have them boiled but also in steamed or baked form. Mashed turnips are great alternatives for those who can't do without mashed potatoes.

Despite having a similar nutritional profile to potatoes, they don't burden you with high-calorie content. They also have fewer portions of carbs than your regular potatoes, which means if you are on a keto health journey, then this is your friend.


Rich in vitamins C and B6 and fibers, kohlrabi is a low-carb vegetable that you can peel and cut into small pieces to boil or roast. Although slightly different in terms of taste, they make for perfect healthy substitutes for potatoes.

The fact that they have a myriad of health benefits including lowering the risks of heart ailments, boosting the performance of your gut, and supplying you with anti-oxidants makes it a great option for a wellness meal plan as well.


Making smart and conscious decisions about the choices of food items in your diet will help you maintain your health long-term. If this means minimalizing the intake of high-calorie vegetables such as potatoes, you need to act on it. With so many healthy alternatives to them, the sky is your limit. So, make the necessary swaps as soon as possible and begin your health journey.

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