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7 Healthy Indian Breakfasts for an Energetic Morning

23rd February, 2024

The importance of breakfast in a healthy meal plan can't be overstated. Considered to be the most important meal of the day, it prepares your body to deal with all the physical activity and mental exertions it is about to undergo for the rest of the day. It satiates your body with all the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

This is that one meal of the day you can't afford to skip no matter what. Among the myriad of benefits that you can absorb from breakfast, the most prominent ones are its ability to give your body the energy boost it needs after waking up. Your glycogen levels are low because of not eating anything overnight and it needs to be quickly replenished with breakfast in the morning.

Besides, it helps you focus, increases your concentration power, and can play a pivotal role in decreasing the chances of various cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it also assists you in healthily losing weight, which is why it is a key component in a weight loss meal plan.

In this space, we are going to combine the most important meal of the day, breakfast with one of the most sought-after and delicious cuisines that is favored across the globe, Indian. Yes, if you fancy some nutritious, yet delicious Indian breakfast options in the morning, you have arrived at the right place.

7 Healthy Indian Breakfasts for High Energy

Kandha Chickpea Poha with Chopped Tomatoes

Perhaps the most well-known Indian breakfast option that is consumed across households in India and is famous around the world is Kandha Poha. Since it is light on your stomach, it ensures that it is easily digestible. At the same time, it is extremely filling, and being packed with carbs, it gives you the boost of energy you need to go through the day.

Chickpea is a crucial plant protein, which is why this is a fantastic option for those who follow a gluten and dairy-free meal plan. It will help regulate your blood sugar level while promoting your brain health. A small bowl of chopped tomatoes on the side not only gives you the much-needed tanginess but will also enrich you with antioxidants and improve your heart health.

Egg Bhurji with Masala Sliced Potatoes & Vegetables

Eggs are extremely popular ingredients in various breakfast options since it is loaded with nutrients such as pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin, selenium, phosphorous, and vitamin A. It also is responsible for increasing the level of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, known as the good cholesterol in your body. And we all know that you can never go wrong with Egg Bhurji.

Pair your scrambled egg with some masala sliced potatoes and your choice of vegetable. Potatoes are great sources of antioxidants and vitamin C and are extremely filling. As for veggies, whether you pick eggplant or bell peppers, or anything, they will only add to the wholesomeness of the meal.

Avocado Paratha with Yogurt & Flax Seeds

Now, if you want to introduce some fusion to your Indian breakfast options, bring Avocado to your kitchen. Instead of Aloo or Gobi, fill your parathas this time with avocadoes, which although are not typically seen in Indian cuisines, can make for incredible additions to your meal.

The sheer combo of pairing this paratha with yogurt and flax seeds makes sure that it aids in the healthy shedding of weight. So, you can have this 2-3 times a week as part of an Indian diet plan for weight loss.

Veggie Stuffed Rolled Masala Omelette with Guacamole Dip

Eggs are great sources of protein that help in lowering triglycerides while also aiding in preventing the risks of strokes. Being extremely diverse in nature, there are tons of ways to include it in your diet. A fun way is to make yourself a masala omelette and stuff it with sautéed veggies of your choice.

You can go wild with your choices when it comes to the veggies. Pick any combo of mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, asparagus, onion, and bell pepper, among others. A side dip of guacamole, which is an avocado-based dip, will act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant component to your meal.


Idli Sambar with Coconut Chutney

You can't compile a list of healthy Indian breakfast options by ignoring South Indian cuisines. Being rich in fiber, Idli makes sure it aids in your digestion and smooth bowel movement. Not to mention, it is rich in carbs which keeps you energized all through the day.

As Sambar contains the wholesomeness of beneficial pulses and a load of healthy veggies, you can take care of your macronutrient needs. This is why this is an apt option for those who want to incorporate a wellness meal plan into their life. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of coconuts only add to the value of this dish.

Rava Uttapam with Steamed Vegetables

Another colorful healthy Indian breakfast option to start your day is the authentic Rava Uttapam. This is ideal for those who are on the lookout for low-cholesterol meals. It is also rich in vitamin B which plays a crucial role in elevating your mood and keeping you energized.

Club this with some steamed veggies on the side to add to the nutritional value of this meal. Being light to your stomach while being filling and rich in nutrients, it is a great way to kick-start the day as you don't feel heavy after consuming it yet are able to avoid constant cravings after eating it, thereby helping you avoid binge snacking.

Upma with Fresh Fruit Salad

Prepared with semolina, Upma is loaded with nutrients and makes for a wholesome meal since it rejuvenates your body with all the essential elements you need to go about the day. Plus, the fact that it has an eclectic range of tastes – a bit of tanginess, a dash of sweetness, a drop of spiciness – makes it extremely palatable.

On the side, get yourself a bowl of fresh fruits of your choice so that it not only adds to the zest of the meal but also gives you the fiber and vitamins you need to keep you healthy.

To Conclude

The term breakfast essentially refers to breaking the fast; it is where you rejuvenate your body after a stretch of not eating for a considerable number of hours of sleep. One of the aspects of body functionality that people often tend to not be aware of is how continuously and relentlessly it works, even when we are asleep.

With all these aforementioned healthy Indian breakfast options, you have no excuse to neither skip your meals nor have a bland breakfast. Diversify your breakfast by following these options throughout the week and give yourself better odds of staying healthy.

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