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Food For Beauty

11th September, 2023

Food for healthy skin and hair

The secret to beautiful skin and hair indeed starts with a healthy diet. Conventional wisdom tells us, "You are what you eat." Everything in our body is connected. If your body isn't healthy, it is going to show up on your face and hair.

A well-balanced diet is the essence of smooth and supple skin. Contrary to what the beauty industry wants you to believe, good skin and hair don't require only fancy creams and hair treatments. The glowing skin and healthy hair all begin from within.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is an excellent reflection of your overall well-being and vitality. Remember your family doctor checking your nails to find the deficiencies? Your nails and hairs are a significant indicator and tell you about your nutritional status.

When your body is stressed for nutrients and vital minerals, it's the nails and hair that are first to be affected. And eventually, it will start showing on your skin.

When it comes to food for boosting beauty, our nutritionists have picked up the top beauty-boosting nutrient-rich foods that can help you achieve your beauty goals. You can easily incorporate these into your daily diet.

Fatty fish

Oily fishes like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Fatty fishes also contain other essential nutrients like potassium, niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E.

The general rule for pescetarians regarding eating fish is to pick one lower on the food chain. As you get higher up, the big fish contain toxic heavy metals in higher concentrations. Small oily fishes such as sardines, mackerels, and trout protect skin from infections. Additionally, they help keep skin calm, hydrated, and moisturized.

Apart from healthy skin, omega-3 has also been linked to boosting hair growth. According to a study, fish oil supplements have been found to reduce hair loss and increase new hair growth in women.



Avocado is a food without a rival. They are delicious, nutritious, and a miracle of mother nature. They are an excellent source of healthy fats, high in monounsaturated fats. A daily dose of avocados is excellent for skin barrier function.

They are also rich in fat-soluble Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D. A medium-sized avocado provides 21% of your Vitamin E requirement, which is essential for healthy skin and scalp. It supports your scalp, reduces dandruff, reduces hair fall, and prevents the scalp from oxidative stress.


Berries are packed with tangy-sweet flavor and have an excellent nutritional profile. They are a rich source of Vitamin C, fibre and are filled with skin-friendly antioxidants like polyphenols.

Plant-based polyphenols have fantastic skin benefits. They possess immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and DNA repair actives. They also protect your skin from sun damage.

Berries form a whole food group, all of which provide lots of health benefits. However, it is impossible to incorporate all of them into your diet. We have listed eight readily available and healthy options for you.

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Goji Berries
  • Strawberries
  • Bilberries
  • Acai Berries
  • Cranberries



Spinach is one of the healthiest foods. Don't agree with us; just agree with Popeye. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, folate, and fibre. Each of these nutrients has its specific functions in our body that keep our skin glowing.

Our focus here is on iron, as it is essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood. A healthy oxygen transport ensures that it reaches your skin, hair tissues, nails, and all other vital organs. However, plant-based iron needs a high quantity of citric acid to make it absorbed by our bodies. You must pair spinach with lemon and other citrus fruits to unleash the iron in it.

The folate present in spinach is the natural form of vitamin B9. It is essential for healthy cell growth and increases hydration by maintaining skin barrier function. The fibre in spinach is great for a healthy bowel movement and eliminates waste and toxins from our bodies.

Fibre ensures your gut remains healthy. Only a healthy gut can help absorb skin-supporting nutrients like vitamins A, E, C, K2, B3, selenium, zinc, and even omega-3.

Try our spinach cheddar quiche, which is loaded with the goodness of spinach and a rave among our clients.

Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices can elevate the flavor of any dish. They don't just make our food better but are also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives, and fight infection.

Some of the skin-friendly herbs and spices are turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, rosemary, and asparagus. Turmeric has been used for ages in the Indian subcontinent for its therapeutic properties. Apply it directly to your face or add it to your food, or your skin; it can help in bringing out a natural glow.

Herbs are easy to include in your meals and they bring out the flavor and enhance the health benefits of your food.


Carrots are a powerhouse of nutrients and contain a large amount of beta carotene, and Vitamin A. Beta carotene prevents cell degeneration, slows the aging process, and gives you glowing skin. Vitamin A keeps our eyes, bones, and teeth healthy and strong.

Nutrients in carrots also reduce acne and dark spots. Carrots are versatile and easy to be a part of your daily skin-friendly diet. So, just slurp a big glass of carrot juice or add them to your salads.

Our chefs have a tasty treat of orange, carrot, and ginger drinks, and it's a popular item on our wellness meal plan menu.

Citrus Fruits


The list of citrus fruits and their health benefits is exhausting. They are an abundant source of Vitamin C, citric acid, and many other nutrients. Vitamin C fights the free radical action that promotes the skin aging process. It also helps the body to produce collagen, encourages skin elasticity, and plays an essential role in the skin healing process.

Citric acid is a natural acid that gently removes dead skin cells, curbs bacterial actions, and fights the pathogens present under our skin pores.

The most nutritious citrus fruits are lemons, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, and sweet lime. So, if you are sick and tired of harmful cosmetic products, include citrus fruits in your daily diet to promote natural skin glow from deep within.


Tomatoes are a powerhouse of vitamins. They contain a range of Vitamins A, K, B1, B3, B5, and C. However, what makes it stand out from other skin-friendly food is lycopene.

It is an antioxidant that has great anti-aging properties. Cooked tomatoes have a higher level of lycopene and are easy to be absorbed by our bodies. It helps tighten skin pores and prevent acne, even occasional zits.

Our chefs suggest instead of the whole tomato, add tomato paste to your dishes, as it contains a higher concentration of lycopene. Pair them with heart-healthy oils like olive or rice bran that can help the better absorption.

Sweet potato

Listen to your granny when she says to eat sweet potatoes for healthy skin. This root vegetable is an excellent alternative to your high-calorie, high-glycemic index foods like potatoes and other carbs. Sweet potatoes are a great carb fix without sacrificing healthy skin. They are loaded with fibre and antioxidants.

Roasted sweet potatoes are satiating and are an excellent side option. Though the word sweet is attached to it, they don't take your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride.


Nuts are tasty, healthy, and convenient food to add a crunch to your dishes. They provide a variety of nutrients and healthy fats that your skin and hair love. What's more, they also offer a range of Vitamin Bs, zinc, phosphorous, and essential fatty acids.

Moreover, you don't need to eat heaps of it. For example, just an ounce of almonds provides 37% of your daily Vitamin E requirements.

One of the new kids on the block is Brazil nuts. They are a rich source of selenium that neutralizes free radicals and other skin-damaging compounds. Selenium also protects your skin from early signs of aging, even skin cancer.

Fish are also a rich source of selenium, but if you are vegetarian or don't like fish, add walnuts and Brazil nuts to your diet. Nuts are an excellent and easy addition to your diet.

Foods that are damaging your skin and health

Spicy food

While herbs and spices can elevate the taste of your food, too much spice can be bad for you. Spicy food aggravates the production of bile and leads to broken capillaries. So, watch the amount of curries and chilies you are eating.


Ok, you enjoy your sip of wine and beer pints now and then. We get that. But we have to keep it in check. Too much alcohol can dehydrate you and cause inflammation. The regular and excessive use of alcohol can accelerate aging, broken capillaries, and steal the natural luster of your skin.


You will find sulfites in almost all processed food, cured meats, dried fruits, and even wines. Sulfites are known to be notorious that causes skin and other types of allergies. So, read the labels carefully.

High sugar

Refined sugar is poison for your body. Any food that contains an excessive amount of refined sugar can lead to acne, premature aging, and rosacea. Some of the alternatives to sugar are cinnamon, honey, jaggery, coconut sugar, etc.

Trans Fats

Trans fats don't occur naturally in nature. When unsaturated fats are overheated, they turn into trans fats. The food industry puts unsaturated fats into a hydrogenation process, making unsaturated fats solid at room temperature.

Well, that is convenient for the food industry as it's easy to pack, store, and transport, but it's not good for your body. Trans fats can cause inflammation in the body and cause lots of negative effects on the body, including the skin.

The Bottom Line

What you eat has a magnitude of effect on your body, skin, hair, and nails. The lack of proper nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, D, B, zinc, iron, protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, etc., can encourage hair loss and damage to your skin.

Thankfully, correcting a nutrient deficiency is not that hard; you just need to eat right! So, make sure you are adding all the essential and beauty-boosting nutrients to your daily meal. You have so many tasty and easy-to-find options to help your skin be healthy, strong, and attractive.

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