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Tiny Superfoods with Herculean Effect

11th September, 2023

Small but Mighty Superfoods

Healthy food habits are essential for the proper maintenance and sustenance of our bodies. For those exploring a food plan in Dubai, we often prioritize nutrient-dense foods that can enrich our bodies. These nutrient-rich foods can help us stay active, healthy, and nourished.

But to be in our optimal shape and form, we need to have a nutritious diet, because a single food group is not enough. A balanced diet comprises of right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals as required by every human being. But some special food items are considered to be of the highest value, even in a balanced meal. They are popularly known as superfoods.

Superfoods have gained quite a bit of popularity in recent times. With the general public becoming more health-conscious, superfoods have been receiving all the attention they deserve. We, at VMeals, understand the power and importance of superfoods, and we make good use of them in our customized monthly meal plan delivery. These food items may not be a shortcut to a healthy life, but they can contribute significantly to it.

Why is Superfood Necessary?

Superfoods are food items that are laden with nutrients. But even with an increased nutritional value, they are very low in calories. These foods also contain several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are extremely useful for the human body.

They help us build our strength and agility. They also create a preventive shield against deadly diseases by increasing our immunity.

Even though experts and dieticians haven't officially recognized the term, superfoods have established their own identity. They offer numerous benefits with almost zero side effects, which is the main reason behind their increasing popularity. They have a high vitamin and mineral density and provide the body with antioxidants, fibre, phytochemicals, and essential fatty acids.

Following a complete meal plan is necessary to live a hearty lifestyle and superfoods can help amplify the benefits of a wholesome diet. With the help of a balanced diet and superfoods, you can promote heart health, weight loss, and increased resilience. That gives us enough reasons to add superfoods into our daily lives.

Superfoods can be distinguished into four different types: fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and finally, proteins and beverages. Of these, nuts and seeds are tiny superfoods that can work wonders for the body. Even though small in size, they are still just as valuable as the bigger ones. Here are some of them.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are extremely small in size, but they are packed with healthy fats and loaded with fibre. They can easily be added to several everyday dishes, especially smoothies and protein shakes.

They also contain hearty amounts of protein, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Antioxidants are also present in chia seeds.


Flaxseeds, like chia seeds, are filled with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic fatty acids, and fibre. One of the most well-known benefits of using flaxseeds is that they can help relieve constipation.

Including flaxseeds in your regular diet is the best way to stave off critical ailments like heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. It is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. The human body absorbs flaxseeds better if they are grounded before they are mixed into meals and beverages.

Goji Berries


Several fruits fall under the category of superfoods, but none are as small as goji berries. These tart berries are found all over the world, but they are native to parts of Asia. They are overflowing with Vitamin A and C, iron, protein, and fibre. They also contain phytochemicals like polysaccharides, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene.

Goji berries can help improve your immune system and can also shield you against macular degeneration. They are also helpful in maintaining eye, skin, and bone health. You can add goji berries to several foods like yogurt and smoothies. You can even opt for trail mixes, salads, and even desserts, as they go with many items.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are stocked with protein, zinc, magnesium, and copper. This tiny superfood is derived by carving pumpkins, and even having a little bit every day can be very beneficial.

They are also rich in antioxidants along with polyunsaturated fatty acids, riboflavin, and folate. They have anti-inflammatory properties and also help in reducing the chances of developing cancer.


Lentils are highly impressive. They are a part of regular diet foods in several south-east Asian countries. This vegan food item has several types, like beluga, yellow and red lentils, puy lentils, etc.

They are filled with carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. They also contain Vitamin B, thiamine, niacin, iron, potassium, and magnesium. They are handy in fighting heart disease and type 2 diabetes. There are many polyphenols in lentils as well, which can help against inflammation.

Advantages of Superfoods


There are many advantages of taking these tiny superfoods. They are packed with a variety of nutrients, and they can help the human body grow, sustain and fight off diseases all at the same time. Here are some of the most outstanding advantages of these miniature Hercules.

They Promote Weight Loss

Superfoods are widely known for their weight-loss benefits. This means you can consume superfoods like chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc., without worrying about the daily caloric limit.

Adopting a balanced meal plan with superfoods can help you reach your weight-loss goals more quickly and sustainably.

They Stimulate Gut Health

These miniature friends are rich in soluble and insoluble fibres. The insoluble fibres help you stay fuller longer and also bulk up your stools.

They act like a comb and collect all wastes and speed up the cleaning process from the body to prevent constipation.

Gives You a Youthful Glow

Flaxseeds are chockful of nourishment. They can give you a natural, youthful glow, unlike artificial makeup products, as they prevent severe illnesses like diabetes, asthma, and even heart ailments. Only when the internal organs are healthy, the external skin can radiate the glow.

Introducing flaxseeds and chia seeds into your diet will add Omega 3 fatty acids and fibres to your meal, which will prevent skin dryness. They also contain lignan, which prevents wrinkles and fine lines on your face. These tiny giants are great for skincare, and they also help reduce acne and puffiness on your face.

They Have a Herculean Effect

You can incorporate superfoods into your daily routine to increase your strength and endurance. Pumpkin seeds are a substantial source of antioxidants and healthy fats. They are proven to have a Herculean effect on humans.

As they are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, they can help boost your prostate health and prevent stomach, lung, colon, and breast cancers. Since pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, they may prove beneficial in improving sperm quality and fertility in men.

They Are Known to Increase Energy Levels

These seeds can instantly alleviate your energy level due to the presence of power-packed nutrients in them. We advise using them as pre-workout snacks, especially as they are really low in calories.


Tiny superfoods have several benefits. But before taking them, you must remember that they cannot make you healthy all alone. No matter which one it is, it should be included in a balanced diet and consumed properly.

Although there are no bad seeds, the addition of unhealthy ingredients like salt, sugar, or fat may degrade their efficiency. Due to their minuscule size, people tend to overeat them. So, avoid that situation. Factor in the calorie counts while consuming them.

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