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10 Foods to Speed up Your Metabolism

11th September, 2023

10 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the cornerstone for weight watchers around the world. It is the process by which your body converts food into energy. During the process, calories in the food combine with oxygen to release energy for your body to function.

How fast your body burns calories depends on several factors. Some people are naturally gifted with an active metabolism. It also depends on gender, age, and physical activity. Men inherit a speedy metabolism than women, and once a person turns 40, the metabolism tends to slow down steadily. You can't control your gender, age, or genetics, but there are several ways to boost metabolism.

For people trying to lose weight, you can try superfoods known for their abilities to boost metabolism. Certain foods contain nutrients that help in increasing the body's metabolism. Adding these foods to your daily meal plan helps you lose weight and prevent excess weight gain.

However, it doesn't mean you overeat these foods. Too much of anything in your diet do more harm than good. For losing weight, you must add these foods to your weight-loss meal plan in moderation.

There is no magic ingredient or recipe that can ease your weight-loss journey. Healthy eating goes a long way in losing weight permanently. It keeps you full, maintains your sugar level, and supports a healthy metabolism. Here are some of the best healthy metabolism-boosting foods that increase metabolic function.


Food rich in protein can help in increasing your metabolism for a couple of hours. One of the richest sources of protein is eggs. The body needs to use more energy to digest protein-based food like eggs. This phenomenon is called the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF).

The number of calories your body needs to absorb, digest, and process the nutrients in your meals is referred to as TEF. Protein-rich food increases the TEF, thereby boosting your metabolism. This protein has multiple benefits as it keeps you full and prevents overeating.

Green Tea

Catechin is a health-boosting compound that is known for its multiple health benefits. The four variations of this compound are present in abundant amounts in green tea.

Catechin is a natural phenol and antioxidant that prevent oxidative stress, prevents premature aging, helps lose weight, and increases metabolism.


Regarded by many as a “functional food”, which means, foods that are eaten just for their health benefits instead of for their taste or filling the hunger, flaxseeds are nature's boon to us.

Not only are they rich in vitamins and proteins, but they also contribute to improving metabolic syndrome. In addition, they help control bloating, various cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes.


Legumes & Lentils

Legumes and lentils are the main protein sources for vegetarians and vegans. Beans, peas, chickpeas, and peanuts are rich in fibre and make your metabolism work harder to digest them. Studies have shown that lentils can make you eat less as they increase the satiety factor.

Beans also have resistant starch which can lead to an increase in fat metabolism. They effectively use the stored fat in the body and maintain blood sugar levels.

Brazilian Nuts

Often prescribed to improve reproductive health and the immune system, Brazilian nuts help control overeating as it makes people feel fuller. In addition, it also contributes to boosting the metabolism rate, which makes it a great choice for this list.

These nuts are rich in selenium, which helps in regulating metabolic function while also producing several important hormones in the body.

Green Vegetables

Green veggies like kale and spinach are a rich source of iron (non-heme). Leafy green veggies can boost metabolism if paired with vitamin C-rich food such as citrus fruits, which can aid in better absorption of iron. Plus, when consumed together, these veggies and fruits will help in weight loss and muscle gain.

Green veggies also contain a good amount of magnesium, which is an essential mineral that supports metabolic functions.


Peppers not only heighten the taste of your food but also play a major role in boosting your metabolism. This is especially true for dried chili peppers which also help give you a feeling of satiation and prevent you from overeating.

As such, it is also counted among foods for controlling weight loss and burning body fat. This is due to the presence of a compound named capsaicin in chili peppers.


Ghee is a powerhouse of nutrition that provides several health benefits to people of all age groups. Ghee is made of short-chain fatty acids that improve digestion, reduce fat concentration, and burn fat cells, which helps in faster weight loss.

It is also known to improve metabolism in the body. Vitamin D present in ghee helps in keeping the thyroid gland in check which is directly responsible for weight loss and metabolism.

Medium-chain triglyceride

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oils are a unique type of fat that offers some metabolic benefits. They go directly to the liver and are not stored in the body as fat cells. Consuming MCT oil can increase metabolic rate.

It can be added to soups and as tampering with your curries. Traditionally these oils were used in South Asian and Indian meals. It is not advisable to use this oil for frying and high-heat cooking as it brings down health benefits. Use the oils sparingly just to add flavor to your food.


Gingers are a must in your diet if you are intending to increase your metabolism. It helps control appetite while also increasing the temperature of your body and saving you from colds.

It is also included in the diet for pregnant women since it controls nausea. Besides, it is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and relief after chemotherapy treatment.

Bottom Line

Foods mentioned in the list can help you achieve a healthy weight and boost your metabolism. It is advisable to add these foods as a part of your balanced diet. To achieve optimum results from these foods, you need to get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, and keep yourself hydrated.

Even though the listed foods are known to increase your metabolic rate, they do not guarantee immediate weight loss. These foods must be considered just a complement to your diet. Moderation is the key here, and you need to be clear that only calorie restricted-diet can promote weight loss.

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