Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

10 Foods to Speed Up Your Metabolism

10 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism Metabolism is the cornerstone for weight watchers around the world. It is the process by which your body converts food into energy. During the process, calories in the food combine with oxygen to release energy for your body to function. How fast your body [...]
Pescaterian Breakfast

Breakfast Ideas for Pescatarians

7 Delicious Breakfast Ideas for Pescatarians It is not rare for people to have different food preferences. Broadly, based on food and eating habits, there are seven types of eaters. These are - vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, carnivores, pollotarians, and pescatarians. This article covers the last category of people with [...]
Eating habits and genes

Are eating habits controlled by our genes?

Do your genes influence what you eat? External factors play a vital role in determining our dietary choices. We are inadvertently exposed to different types of foods right from our childhood. Foods that are found on our plates have the essence of the culture and ethnicity we belong to. Quite [...]
Muscle Gain Food

11 Foods that Help You Build Lean Muscle

Food for Lean Muscle Ready to add size to your body frame? You better start eating like you mean it. When it comes to lean muscle gain or bodybuilding, your diet plays a pivotal role. The right nutrition fuels your body for the rigorous training in the gym and the [...]
7 Arabian Foods You Must Try

7 Healthy Arabic Food You Must Try

7 Healthy Middle Eastern Food You Must Try โ€œGood health is a crown worn by the healthy than only the ill can see.โ€ โ€“ Arabic Proverb Isn't it true enough? Our eating habits have lately shifted dramatically. We have been pushed towards unhealthy diets given our hectic schedules and long [...]
Stress and Eating Habits

Stress and Eating Habits

Relationship between Stress and Food Choice Eating wisely keeps you healthy and fit, which enhances your quality of life. Diet and eating behaviors are critical for optimal growth and development as well as disease prevention. Unhealthy diets and nutrition are responsible for a variety of health issues. Many of these [...]
Benefits of Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping for a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutritious Benefits of Meal Prepping "Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together, and you've got a kingdom," a phrase that depicts the importance of diet in our lives. The meals we consume every day are directly proportional to the health and immunity of our bodies. It doesn't matter [...]
Cheers to cheerful food for diabetics

Cheers to Cheerful Food for Diabetics

Guilt-Free Diet Ideas for Diabetics Whenever we cross a candy shop or an ice-cream parlor, our taste buds start craving for the rewarding food items, and the mouth gets watery. However, some people keep resisting the sweet treatment. They are either diabetics or are scared of getting diabetes. But what [...]
veg delivery in Dubai

Vegetarian Food Delivery Options in Dubai

Veg Meal Delivery Options in Dubai Dubai is a hub for different cuisines and cultural foods. It has an array of meal options from traditional and local, to Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Italian, and global cuisines. Meat, especially mutton and lamb, are much more staple meals. Fish and rice are other [...]
danger of sugar

How to stop eating lots of sugar

11 Simple Ways to Stop Eating Lots of Sugar Did you know that simple sugar is as addictive as cocaine? Sugar has been ranked among the top three compulsives globally. Addiction is a very simple process relating to habitual behavior. Our brain releases a burst of a feel-good hormone called [...]

Low Fat Foods That Are Bad for You

10 Low-Fat Foods That Are Bad for Your Health Components of a balanced diet include different servings of foods that are a source of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, water, and fats. All these essential compounds are required by the body in different proportions and quantities. Excess of anyone can [...]
Benefits of Potatoes

Health and Nutrition Benefits of Potatoes

7 Nutritional and Health-Giving Qualities of Potatoes Potato is the starchy tuberous root of the plant Solanum tuberosum. It is a native of Peru and can widely be found throughout America. In the second half of the 16th Century, it was introduced in Europe by the Spanish from America. Today, [...]
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